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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Solve a Puzzle on General Hospital

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Sam McCall, Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

Kim's not happy to hear that Oscar has quit school. He doesn't want to waste what little time he has left. Kim feels he needs normalcy and doesn't want him to give up hope. Oscar says he's been doing some online research and someone died during the drug trial.

Drew and Kim try to convince Oscar there are medical breakthroughs all the time, but he's too pessimistic right now to see it. Drew is surprised when Kim mentions that Oscar broke up with Joss. Oscar storms off again.

Danny asks if Jason loves Mommy and he admits he does. After Danny leaves, Sam and Jason spend the day putting together a Lego building for him.

Kiki admits that after their night together, she wanted to be with Griffin again. He says he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her either. The two agree there is nothing stopping them from getting together.

When Kiki suggests they go back to her place, Griffin puts the brakes on. He wants them to get together for the right reasons and suggests they get to know each other first.

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Franco brings Aiden to the hospital to see Liz. He's complaining he's not feeling well. Liz checks him out, but can't find anything wrong with him. Aiden feels better, but then says he probably won't feel well enough for school tomorrow.

Joss is determined to win Oscar back. She tells Cam she's going to recreate their anniversary date in the park. Cam feels it's all over the top, but Joss makes him text Oscar to meet up. Cam comes close to spilling the truth, but backs off again.

Maxie asks Peter why he took Lulu's advice to avoid her. Peter knows Maxie's still grieving, but Maxie doesn't want him to keep his distance. Maxie admits she was hurt and angry when she found out the truth about him, but she's done being angry and bitter. 

Maxie asks about the panic attack in the elevator. Peter says some of the anxiety was from Liesl's torture. He admits most comes from Faison throwing him in the pool. He was 7 years old and couldn't swim. He was left trying to breath and now certain things trigger that response. Maxie offers to take the elevator with Peter and the two hold hands.

Cam finds Oscar and tells him he's not going to lie to Joss anymore.

Joss is shocked when Oscar blocks her from social media.

Jason and Sam share a kiss.