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Perkie's Observations: CarSon Have a Graveside Confrontation on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Elizabeth Hendrickson

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Elizabeth Hendrickson

Sam tells Jason their kiss meant something. She says the feelings are there and she wants to keep going, but she's not ready yet. Jason says he can wait.

Carly and Sonny are upset that Margaux is interrupting their time at Morgan's grave. She says she's there to pay respects to her father, whom she had buried next door to Morgan. Carly doesn't understand why Margaux would put her father so close to Morgan.

Carly accuses Margaux of violating the sanctity of Morgan's grave (oy vey!). Margaux accuses Sonny of being a murderer. Carly counters she has no proof and Margaux's just upset that she's powerless against Sonny.

Margaux says she knows Sonny is a murderer, but doesn't understand how Carly can stand by his side. After Margaux leaves, Carly reassures Sonny that he's a good man and not to give into the taunts from the DA.

Oscar eavesdrops as Drew tells Kim he's determined to get Oscar into the trial even if it means signing him up without his consent. Kim agrees they'll have to force Oscar since he's still a minor.

Joss leaves Oscar a voicemail that she's having a bad day. She wants him to meet her at their bench. When Oscar shows up, Joss thinks he got her message. She tells him about Morgan's memorial and how happy she is that he showed up. He says he's on his way to meet someone else and they're done.

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Joss knows Oscar is lying. She explains how she spent the year listening to Nelle's lies, and knows them when she hears them. Oscar says he doesn't love her, never has, and never will.

Liz and Terry discuss Oscar's case. Liz feels she should count her blessings that her boys are okay. Terry tells Liz that Kim will need her friendship.

Laura meets with Alexis and says she needs help getting her job back on the hospital board. Laura spots the watch on Alexis' arm. Alexis explains it was her mother's. Laura understands the difficulty in accepting anything Cassadine. Alexis mentions how the watch has stopped twice at 10:10 (I'm assuming that it means October 10th and not a time.)

Terry and Kim consult about Oscar. Kim says he's refusing the trial. Terry says he'll come around. Joss drops by to talk to Kim. She says she knows Oscar is in pain and wonders what she can do to help. Kim says she can't get involved, but Joss has been wonderful and not to give up.

Drew stops by to talk to Sam, but decides to leave when he sees Jason there. Sam says they all need to be on the same page. She tells Drew that Jason was the one to find Oscar when he was missing. Drew thanks Jason for getting Oscar to call his parents.

Laura pays Liz a visit, letting her know she's back in town. Laura complains about Kevin, and how he's distracted and inattentive. She thinks the Ryan anniversary might be upsetting him. Laura also feels guilty for staying away so long. Liz tells her not to ignore her instincts.

Oscar asks to meet with Alexis to discuss teen rights when it comes to medical treatment. He claims it's for a school project, though Alexis seems to see through that. Alexis says the parents call the shots since the child is a minor.

Margaux calls Drew to meet her. She says she has a proposition for him, as she holds the flash drive in her hand.