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Perkie's Observations: Laura Has No Time for Valetin on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

Jason and Sam get busy on the couch until Alexis walks in and interrupts them. Jason leaves. Alexis wonders if the two are back together. Sam says it's none of her mother's business and she'll deal with the consequences of being with Jason, good or bad.

Sam spots the watch on Alexis' arm. It was the same one given to her by her mother. Alexis comments the watch keeps stopping at the same time. (so we're swinging back around to the watch story from two months ago?)

The entire extended Corinthos family gathers for a memorial for the 2nd anniversary of Morgan's death. Mike tells Sonny he wants to try out one of those daycare facilities and Sonny agrees to set it up. When Carly prompts him, Mike also tells Sonny he dropped the gun in the Hudson River all those years ago, so Sonny is safe.

Ava heads to Morgan's grave to give him flowers. She explains to Julian only two people in her life ever saw good in her. That would be Morgan and Griffin and she's lost both. Kiki shows up. She says she used to see good in her mother, but then wised up. Kiki accuses Ava of showing up where she's not wanted and she should leave the grave side before CarSon show up.

Ava says she loved Morgan, but Kiki dismisses that. She claims her mother is incapable of love. She warns Ava to leave the grave side or she'll drag her out. After Ava leaves, Kiki sits at the grave and complains to Morgan about Ava.

Jordan informs Margaux there are no new leads in the case. Margaux is not happy it's the end of the line. Jordan says she can't allocate any more resources to something that didn't even happen in their jurisdiction. She says it's time to pass it over to the cold case team. Margaux declares she will bring Sonny down with or without Jordan's help.

Nina tells Lulu about Sasha. She explains that Curtis found her and she trusts him. She talks about how she stupidly left a voicemail message. It makes her worry that Sasha won't want anything to do with her. Lulu tells her to go to Sasha, but to be prepared for rejection. She says to never give up on a child.

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Laura comes across Valentin on the pier and the two go at it. Laura brings up Nikolas. Valentin gives the same song and dance that he didn't kill Nikolas because no body was found. He claims he didn't steal Spencer's birthright because it was his.

Valentin doesn't understand Laura's aggression since he and Lulu have put aside their differences for Charlotte's sake. Laura says as Charlotte gets older, she'll find out the truth about her father. Valentin says Laura is nobody to Charlotte, which earns him a smack to the face.

Julian reassures Ava she and Kiki will repair their relationship, but Ava feels some betrayals can't be forgiven. Ava's realizes she's always the odd one out, the town pariah. She wants Kiki to feel the same way.

Alexis arrives. Ava asks for her services in revising her will to leave Kiki out. Alexis says she can't help Ava since she's Kiki's lawyer. She suggests that Ava shouldn't do anything rash

Nina gets a call back from Sasha.

Michael complains to Jordan about her treatment of Mike. Jordan tells him that Mike has been cleared and the case is closed.

Margaux finds CarSon at Morgan's graveside.

Jason drops Sam off at home. She asks him to stay.