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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander Wants to Be a Daddy

Paul Telfer

Paul Telfer

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin in Salem at the Police Department where Sami needs Rafe's help, but not before she reminds him, again, that she didn't shoot her mother. Sami needs help finding EJ, and Stefan is the key. Rafe reminds Sami that Stefan filed a complaint against her, probably because she was driving him crazy - truer words have rarely been spoken. Sami ignores Rafe's comments and tells him about all the ways she tried to manipulate Stefan into telling her about EJ. Rafe is being all logical when Sami is trying to find her dead husband. She wants to include Rafe in her shenanigans, but he is having none of it. She thinks that Rafe should arrest Stefan because the police arrest innocent people all the time - she should know. Innocent? Really? Rafe says that's not how he does business. Sami is all like, since when? Sami invokes the names of Johnny and Sidney, which works just as well with Rafe as it did with Stefan.  

Sami is like a dog with a bone - which must mean it's a day of the week that ends in "y". She reminds him he didn't always follow the rules (See Gab"i" and Hope's backstories.) Rafe gets that Sami isn't going to stop and just wants her to do things legally. IN. WALKS. HOPE. Her eyebrow isn't actually raised, but it feels like it should be. Sami is ready for Hope's judgmental malarky, but surprises her by apologizing. Sami is clearly gobsmacked. Hope wants her to know that she will do everything possible to bring Xander and Kristen to justice - which hadn't even occurred to Sami, but okay. 

At University Hospital, Hope makes some time to visit her FRIEND Marlena. She runs into John, who informs her that she will unable to visit with her FRIEND. Hope seems a little ticked that she wasted her time coming over with those flowers when she can't actually see her, but then she backs off. Wait, what did I just hear? Did I hear Hope admit that Sami and her business with Rafe may have clouded her judgment? 

Hope fills John in on the search for Xander. John doesn't get it. Why would Xander target Doc? Why indeed? Hope thinks maybe someone hired him to do the job or to shoot him. Hope is still not sure she understands who his actual target was. 

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan is kind of pissy when Eve to the damn Donovan comes in looking fierce with an agenda. Stefan hands her papers that apparently reflect "numbers" that are lackluster - unlike Eve's hair. He says that Basic Black has sent DiMera's stock plummeting. Stefan wants to know where Brady is. Eve is trying to avoid the Brady question and wants to get to the point, as does Stefan. He is one angry CEO . . . but they are playing the Gabb"y" music in the background so I imagine Basic Black is not the target of his ire. Eve is having none of Stefan. These two actually have a nice chemistry. 

Eve can't get Brady on the phone. She explains a bit about all he's been going through - which has nothing to do with why he's not answering the phone - and Stefan says he's sorry about Paul (#TeamPaul). That said, he doesn't think there is any excuse for Brady not making a meeting. Stefan presses the issue, and Eve breaks down and tells him the truth. Stefan doesn't care, but offers up that maybe he's with Kristen. Eve questions Stefan about why he thinks Brady is with Kristen. He reminds her that she tried to seduce Brady after taking Eve hostage. Eve clarifies that she was taken prisoner after being locked in a freezer. Stefan throws his head back, laughs raucously, and says, "that's awesome".

Side note: I'm not entirely sure that "that's awesome" was supposed to be Stefan's response. It felt more like Tyler's reaction to Kassie's lines. Either way, it made me giggle. 

Stefan wants financial information, but Brady is in charge of all that mess. Stefan really is really all up in a tizzy about Basic Black. Eve tries to win him back over by taking full responsibility for everything. He backs down a bit, but still wants some answers. 

At a hotel out of town that looks strangely like the Salem Inn, Brady is waking up basking in the afterglow of manipulation with Kristen. She awakens and wants to know if he is ready to leave his old life behind. She wants him to really be with her and start fresh. Eve is calling Brady and Kristen thinks this is his fork in the road. He needs to choose. He passes on the call and Kristen purrrrrrrs with satisfaction. They start talking about Tater Tot, which should make Brady nervous since Kristen was the one who extracted that baby from Jeannie Theresa, implanted it into herself, and took off to Italy. Yup, that happened. 

Kristen makes her case by reminding Brady that Theresa stole that little boy from him which is, perhaps, not her lesson to teach. Brady is not interested because Theresa is good mother. Kristen is growing impatient with Brady's kindness and thinks Tater Tot would be better off with them. Kristen's heart seems genuinely warmed by Brady's desire to do what is right for his kid . . . I'm not buying it. She repeatedly makes him promise that he'll think about it. Kristen wants to go wash their activities off her because she has some thing to take care of. Kristen needs Brady to trust him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kristen promises to make Brady forget all about "her". Did anyone else think she was going to say, "all about Eve"?  

Brady calls John to ask about Paul and Marlena. Does anyone else find it a wee bit creepy that he is calling his dad from the bed in which he just had sex with his dad's former lover? Just me? Okay. All of that is swept aside when Brady refers to Paul as "my little brother". Awwww. Brady explains that he's out of town for a while taking a little me time while he licks his wounds from his falling out with Eve. John spreads the news that Xander shot Marlena, but that he's still on the loose. Do y'all see Kristen hanging out in the background taking all of this in? After hanging up with dad, Kristen lays one on Brady because he didn't rat her out and now she can trust him - doesn't take much, huh? Brady sure looks like he is enjoying canoodling with Kristen. Just sayin' . . . 

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In Nashville, Eric stands outside Nicole's door brooding about the love that once was, but may never be again. Inside, Nicole is teary-eyed, per usual, but here comes Xander to liven things up! Eric calls Roman to give him the update that he and Nicole are still all up in their feelings. He also wants to tell Roman that Sami didn't shoot Marlena - most of us thought all that shooting business was Eric's fault, but that's another story. Roman interrupts Eric by saying that he's spouting old news - there's an APB out on Xander Cook Kiriakis. Eric looks somewhat confused, as is Roman. Eric also thinks that Xander might have been aiming for someone else. Roman's got to go because he's got a delivery out back. 

Inside, Xander heard Nicole sighing all the way in the bedroom. He proceeds to make glorious, dramatic fun of her first true love, "who just happened to drive drunk and kill one of [Nicole's] many ex-lovers." I. Love. Xander. He continues to taunt Nicole and suggests she "learns to mind her tongue." I'm gonna need Nicole to bow up, reclaim her backbone, and BECOME NICOLE AGAIN! Instead, Nicole looks both despondent about Eric and slightly attracted to her new husband - how could she not?

Nicole tries to be logical and explain to Xander why she and Eric both despise him. He gets it . . . I mean, he is married to the woman he loves (Jennifer who?) and held a gun to his head. Xander explains that he didn't shoot Eric because Holly is in the next room, and because of her. Nicole continues to try to reason with him. Really, Nicole? Xander thinks he would be a good daddy . . . to Holly. Nicole runs her hand up Xander's bulging bicep before telling him that her wifely duties are never going to happen. Xander becomes the logical one by reminding Nicole that she has slept with every Kiriakis man short of Justin and Adrienne's missing children. Xander continues to make his case by telling her that he's in good shape, not a drunk, or ancient, or . . . dead. What gives? Xander reminds her that she'd better get her ducks in a row or Hope is going to hear her confession. Outside, Eric knocks on the door and Nicole looks completely unsure of what to do. 

Eric wants Nicole to let him in, but she reminds him that Xander will kill him AND has a tape of her confessing to killing Deimos. Eric has some ideas and Nicole wants to hear them. Nicole tries her logic on Eric, but is not having any more luck than she did with Xander. He explains that the police are after Xander for shooting Marlena. Nicole says that's not good because Xander will give her up to Hope if he gets caught. There's my Nicole, always thinking about her own self-preservation! Eric says all they have to do is find the tape. Nicole thinks it too dangerous, but Eric says he would stand up to 1,000 Xanders for her. That sound you hear is a grillion Ericole fans exhaling with adoration for their couple. 

We begin the end of our day in Salem with John going to check on Hattie who is not in her bed!

At the Brady Pub, Roman has gotten his delivery just in time for Hattie to walk in dressed in an overcoat and hospital garb. 

In another town, Kristen and Brady are dressed. She has business to attend to. Brady wants to come, but Kristen rubs on him a little bit and he agrees to let her go as long as she hurries back. Brady grabs his coat, waits for Kristen to move along, and heads out the door.

Somewhere in Nashville, Xander is sitting at a desk and opens a locked drawer to reveal the evidence that Nicole killed Deimos. He listens to her confession with a knowing grin. 

At Sarah's apartment, Eric and his popped collar want desperately to protect Nicole from Xander. Nicole says she'd sooner kill Xander than let him touch her . . . and maybe that's the only way out of this mess. Xander must die.

At the Salem PD, Rafe thinks it's swell that Hope apologized to Sami. Hope reminds Rafe she can always admit when she's wrong. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Fancy Face, say other funny things. 

We conclude our day in Salem at the DiMera mansion, where Stefan is trying to calm Mr. Shin and those other pesky board members about his misstep with Basic Black. Until it begins to perform, he will find the money to cover the losses. Stefan is throwing a tantrum when Sami walks in and wonders if "someone is having financial problems?"

There you have it. Another day comes to an end in Salem U.S.A. One thing before you head to the comments for your say. Multiple media outlets, including Daytime Confidential, reported on the death of Peggy McCay. I want to extend my own condolences to her blood family and her DAYS family. Caroline Brady was a character who was one of the hearts of this show. She provided some damned good acting in stories where she was the matriarch, but also was manipulative and adulterous and just basically flawed. She has been missed on screen over the last few years. I have faith that the writing team at DAYS will give her the on-screen, final farewell that she deserves. Rest In Peace, Ma Brady. 

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