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Perkie's Observations: Drew Finds a Link to His Memories on General Hospital

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Drew Cain, General Hospital

Billy Miller

Kim is upset with Oscar for breaking up with Joss. She says he can't cut off the people he loves and treat them badly. Oscar reminds her he could drop dead at any minute. Kim counters there are medical options for him. She wants Oscar to tell Joss the truth and make the most of his time.

Oscar doesn't want to watch Joss grieve for him, despite Kim's thought he shouldn't be wasting precious time. Kim mentions the trial. Oscar asks if she plans on forcing him to be a part of it. Kim says she'll do whatever it takes to save his life.

Cameron finds Joss mooning over a photo of her and Oscar. He tells her she needs to move on. Joss says Oscar is in pain and she won't give up on him.

Finn tells his father he has a disorder related to Lyme disease, but the doctors at Berkeley can treat it. Gregory doesn't understand why Finn wants him to leave since both his sons live in PC. Chase leaves the room to call his mother and Gregory angrily questions why Finn hates his wife so much. Gregory says he, his wife, and Chase have a rich life together, but Finn is missing.

Jason updates Sonny on evil Margaux. He explains how she, the district attorney, wants to put away a criminal for a crime he has now committed, but originally didn't. Sonny doesn't want things to escalate considering all that his family has been through. Jason thinks if they can prove to Margaux her father wasn't a hero, that might stop her.

Carly and Stella prepare Mike for a visit to the care facility. They spot Drew about to meet Margaux for breakfast. Mike calls Drew over to warn him about Margaux.

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Julian runs into Oscar at the park and wonders why he's not at school. Oscar says he quit and asks if Kim told Julian what's going on. Julian says he hasn't pushed and he's there for Kim. Oscar apologizes to him for being a jerk.

Liz offers Kim an ear and the two discuss Oscar. Kim says she needs to find a way to regain his trust. Liz tells her she needs all the support she can get and to lean on Julian.

Julian stops by the hospital and tells Kim about his run in with Oscar. Kim is grateful for his support.

Mike returns from the care facility and tells Sonny he wants to go on a daily basis. He assures Sonny he can do this.

Cam confronts Oscar about hurting Joss. Oscar says he'd rather have Joss remember him as her first love and not the boy who died. Cam says he's hurting Joss, but agrees to Oscar's latest plan. Cam says if this one doesn't push Joss away, Oscar will have to tell her the truth.

Oscar has Cam photoshop a picture to make it look like he's with another girl. Joss sees the photo, which upsets her.

Drew meets with Margaux, who again, wants his help in taking Sonny down. Drew, again, refuses saying his Jason memories can't be used in court. Margaux wants him to point her in the right direction.

When Drew refuses, Margaux asks if he would do it exchange for his memories. Drew says there is no flash drive. Margaux says there is and she has it.