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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kristen and Xander Are in Cahoots!

Kristen DiMera, Xander Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

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On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin in Salem in the construction zone with Kayla giving Marlena a checkup. Marlena is healing nicely thanks to Kayla and John and Roman. Kayla reminds Marlena that Hattie played a role in all of this. John told Marlena that he was working on a plan to neutralize Hattie, but it could be difficult since she is so set on staying out of prison. Once again, folks are acting like it is some big surprise that Hattie wants to stay out of prison. Doesn't saving Marlena's life by keeping Belle away from the plug make them even? 

At the Brady Pub, Hattie wants to know what Roman has got cooking. Roman is being all Roman when he says, "What the hell are you doing here?" He tries to remind her that she is supposed to be Marlena who is in the hospital recovering from being in a coma. Hattie tries to impress him by showing how she can totally be Marlena - not quite, but sort of. Roman wants to get her back to the hospital, but Hattie wants one of his "big, juicy, hamburgers." He keeps pushing but now Hattie wants to see a George Clooney movie because he's all handsome like Roman. Keep moving, Hattie. 

In the construction zone, John walks in to inform Kayla and Marlena that Hattie has ducked out of her room. Just then, Roman beeps John or calls him on a walkie talkie or some such and reports that Hattie came to the Brady Pub, but he has hustled her back into Doc's room. 

Roman pushes Hattie back into the hospital room and reminds her that staying put is part of their deal . . . again, what is Hattie getting out of this deal? She complies, but offers Roman the chance to tuck her in. Before Roman can say, "what the hell . . . ", John walks in all pissy and threatens to send her back to prison. Hattie subtly reminds John they are married by suggesting they might need marriage counseling. Roman is going to leave, but not before Hattie tells him he is sexy when he's angry and John shouldn't be jealous. 

At the nurse's station, Kayla and Roman are chatting about that crazy Hattie and all the trouble she is causing John - #BradyPrivilege. Roman is proud of Kayla for duping Belle and saving Marlena, even though she is going through her own issues with Steve. 

Stefan wonders what Sami is doing back at the DiMera mansion since he reported her to the police. Sami didn't peg Stefan for a tattletale. Stefan is still in the same tizzy he was yesterday, but Sami - still the same dog with the same bone, isn't leaving until Stefan helps her find EJ.

Stefan wants to know who this Xander Kiriakis. Sami explains that he's not your typical Kiriakis and that he is "willing to shoot his own mother for money." Wait, was that a hint? Is it possible? Could Xander somehow be either Marlena or Hattie's child? No, it couldn't be. Could it? Let's think about this. We know that Xander is the son of Victor's brother Titus, but I don't think we ever heard about his mother. Hmmmmm . . . we'll see if that was a random comment or a Carlivati hint. 

Sami thinks Kristen may have hired Xander, who has the money to pay him. Then, she reminds Stefan that he is the one with money problems. Which brings us back to Sami wanting to give Stefan half the DiMera fortune to provide her information about EJ. She is willing to give him 250 million dollars . . . she had 500 million, but she gave half to Belle who then turned around and gave it back to Chad. No wait, she's only willing to give him half of what she has - 125 million dollars, but only if she gets the goods on EJ's current location. Stefan knows his routing and account numbers by heart and sees if Sami will put her money where his account is. 

The money is in and Sami wants her information. Stefan tells Sami that Kristen told him everything she said about EJ at the wedding was true. Stefan then recounts how Stefano sent Kristen to the hospital to inject EJ when he was in the morgue. Sami gets it because that's the drug that brought back Will. Stefan goes on to explain that Kristen delivered EJ to Stefano while she was grieving. Sami is so happy that I'm not sure she could even recall the names of her three children, who are somewhere in some other town doing who know what with Lord knows who. 

Stefan tells Sami that EJ is recovering "in a facility." Sami wants to know where, but Stefan ain't talking 'til Sami gives him the rest of the money. She seems somewhat miffed that Stefan was not to be trusted - Really? Sami assures Stefan that once she finds EJ he will be really pissed that his newly discovered half brother didn't bend over backwards to help her. Sami thinks Stefan is worried about EJ being a threat. He doesn't seem terribly concerned. Once again, Sami tries to reason with Stefan - #DogWithABone. She goes on to explain how she has spent three years searching for him. Stefan doesn't know but would tell her if he did - which strangely seems to satisfy Sami. Wait! Stefan decides to give Sami an address that Harold scribbled down on a piece of paper. OMG, I would kind of love it if Harold were the key to this entire mystery. 

In some sort of a cinder block warehouse, Kristen is skulking around a secured room as Brady follows close behind. Brady can't get in the door because it's coded, and because Brady just isn't that bright. Cut to Xander listening to Nicole's confession tape - Kristen walks in and tells him to stop being creepy . . . and then, Xander calls her "boss". Color me intrigued. Kristen knows that Xander and Nicole are married and hopes he is not getting distracted. Xander has his eyes on the prize since Kristen's paychecks are supporting Nicole and Holly. 

Kristen taunts Xander by asking him about whether he's made it a "real" marriage by doing the deed with Nicole. She reminds him that for some women, great abs are not enough . . . really, Kristen? 

Back outside the room, Brady and his conceited self thinks Kristen used his name as the password to the door. No dice, Brady. After a few tries, he figures out that it might be "Phoenix". Was he right? Did Brady find his brain? 

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Back inside the room, Xander explains to her that things just got complicated with the arrival of the "fallen, Father Eric." Kristen was like, duh . . . she knew he'd come looking, but doesn't get how he figured out where they were. Xander waves her off by telling her that Eric will be good because he threatened to finish what he started at the wedding. Kristen seems genuinely stunned that Xander may have shot Marlena. He goes on to explain that his real target was Eric, which clearly he avoided by grabbing Sami's arm in his attempt to "save" Marlena and John. Kristen is really not happy because she is capable of taking care of her own business. She is not paying him for this tomfoolery. 

Back outside the room, Brady has failed again to break the code. He says, "screw this . . . or unscrew this." Giggle. He breaks out his MacGyver screwdriver and goes to town. 

Back inside the room, Xander is telling Kristen to chill. He was in and out of Salem in under an hour. He assures Kristen he is loyal because she gave him a job when his family threw him out - even though he saved Jeannie Theresa from that drug lord that Chloe later shanked. Kristen knew he would be anxious to work for a DiMera and appreciates that he kept her "project" safe - color me more intrigued. Xander is also intrigued by how Kristen stayed in Salem all this time and how she got him to leave Eve. 

Back outside the room, Brady gets the cover off the cover to the code box and decides to cut some wires . . . which promptly electrocutes him. That's the Brady I know and love. 

In Sarah Horton's apartment, Eric is lamenting about Xander wanting to hit the sheets with Nicole. She assures him that she'd kill him first . . . and maybe that's what should actually happen. Eric looks at Nicole and genuinely says, "you don't mean that literally." While I commend Eric for knowing the definition of the word "literally", I'm wondering if he has been introduced to this woman he says he loves. Really, Eric? Really?

Eric wants to know if Nicole is really suggesting that they kill Xander. Nicole is like nope, not we, me. I already killed Deimos, so what's another Kiriakis corpse? He reminds her that she killed him while under the influence. Nicole is desperate and tells him that he has no idea how bad it has been these last few months with Xander. She has imagined what it would be like to be a family with Eric, but it is too torturous. Oh Lord, there's Holly screaming for her mama. Where's Chloe?

Holly calms down, thank goodness, and Nicole brings her out to see the "fallen Father". Nicole hands Daniel's daughter over to the man who killed him, and strangely, she seems somewhat reluctant . . . go figure. Eric doesn't care because he loves Holly and Nicole - keep yourselves together Ericole fans. 

Talk quickly turns to Xander. Nicole wants Eric to take Holly to keep her safe. I'm not sure Eric is getting the best end of this deal. Eric is gonna take a Pasadena on that one because Nicole deserves better . . . and so does Eric. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem at University Hospital with John getting all up in Hattie's face. She needs to stay put and do what she's told. Hattie is not taking his guff. Now, she's threatening John and Roman along with Kayla. She'll blow the lid off this whole damned thing!

In Sarah Horton's apartment, Nicole takes back her offer to give away Holly. Eric and Nicole are in full on Ericole mode. Eric is going to start following Xander when he leaves the apartment... tomorrow, but today (cue Barry White).

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan is back to throwing a fit because Sami is not living up to her end of the deal. For the love . . . 

Inside the cinder block room located somewhere in Nashville, Kristen tells Xander she'd "like to see the patient." I'm kind of getting giddy at the thought of what I think I might see. While Xander fetches "him", Kristen calls Brady to tell him she misses his electrocuted dumb ass - which cues his phone to beep as he lies unconscious on the floor. 

Cut to Xander unlocking a door . . . 

That's it! We've come to the end of another day in Salem. Who do you think is behind the door? What else do you think will happen next? Sound off in the comments!

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