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Perkie's Observations: Laura Wonders Why Kevin's Off on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

Drew wants proof of the flash drive's existence. Margaux shows him a photo and explains how she got it. Drew wonders why she took so long to tell him and why she's messing with his life. Drew accuses her of stealing his identity and blackmail.

The two argue back and forth. Margaux wants information to put Sonny away in exchange for the flash drive. Drew tells her to go to hell.

Ava spots Kiki and Griffin kissing in the park, which upsets her. She runs into Scott and complains. Scott tells her the more she gets angry, the more it pushes the two of them together.

Lulu argues with Dante over the phone about working for Peter. Peter arrives to go over the article with her. Lulu tells Peter about her problems with Dante and cries. Peter offers to take her to the film festival.

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Laura questions "Kevin's" odd behavior. Ryan claims he's still under the weather. Laura thinks he's avoiding her, but he assures her that everything is fine.

Maxie and Felicia run into Ryan and Laura. Felicia says she's going away on a trip, which upsets Ryan. He says she's running away and she should let him help her cope with her feelings on Ryan's murders. Maxie disagrees.

Curtis is there for support as Nina's ready to meet Sasha. Curtis wonders what her expectations are. When Sasha arrives, she says she hasn't seen the DNA results, so Curtis shows her. Curtis leaves the two alone to talk.

Kiki and Griffin make plans to go to the film festival.

Ava bumps into Ryan, who suggests she see him right now for a session. Ava admits she wants Kiki to pay. Ryan wonders what would satisfy Ava's need for revenge and tells her to consider it. Ava thinks "Kevin" is telling her to kill her own daughter, then assumes he's using reverse psychology.