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Perkie's Observations: Liz Approaches Sam for Help with Drew on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst

Nelle's interested in Brad and the baby. She mentions how much he's changed, which confuses Carly. Nelle claims she saw photos online. Nelle asks to hold the baby, but Chase stops her.

Carly wants to know what Nelle's news is. Nelle says she won't be found guilty and she's pleading no contest. Nelle says it will spare Michael from having to testify. Chase says there is still enough evidence to put her away.

"Kevin's" feeling better, so when Laura wants to have a second honeymoon, Ryan brushes her off. Laura wonders what's wrong. Ryan claims he has a patient he needs to deal with, which reassures Laura.

Liz stops by Sam's to talk about Drew. She wants Drew to have all the support he needs. Sam says Drew doesn't want her support because of Jason. Liz asks to put their pasts aside to support Drew together.

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Franco offers to hear Drew out. Drew wishes he could give Oscar a sense of history. Franco wonders what the catch is. Drew says he'd have to give up information on Sonny and Jason. Drew says others would be affected.

Jason has background information on Margaux's father. He figures Marino was getting in deeper with Scully. Neither understand why Scully wanted Sonny to deal with it.

Lulu and Charlotte stop by to see Laura. Laura brought her a doll as a gift, but Charlotte feels too old for it. Lulu's sad that Charlotte is growing up without Dante. Lulu complains about her fights with Dante.

Ryan stops by Ferncliff to see Kevin. Ryan plans on keeping Kevin locked up while he lives his life. Kevin says Ryan will slip up eventually. Ryan says he has Laura and will take care of her.

Chase is thrilled when Nelle is given the maximum sentence, which will send her to Pentonville. Brad returns and Nelle gets a chance to see the baby before being taken away.

Drew stops by to see Sam.