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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Takes His Turn with Ava on General Hospital

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Maura West, Nicolas Bechtel

Maura West, Nicolas Bechtel

Spencer's home! He brings flowers to Laura to soften the blow that he left the school again. Laura chastises him for leaving unannounced. Spencer says it's fall break and he's in town to help Joss after her breakup with Oscar.

Jason stops by to see Monica. Monica believes he's always there for the ones he loves. Jason asks how he can help her. Monica admits she's terrified of Oscar's condition and feels he's given up. Monica asks Jason to spend time with Oscar to get to know him.

Drew wants to talk to Sam. She says she's there for him. Drew talks about the connections he and Oscar have made, especially with Monica. Sam reassures him and says Drew needs people to lean on as well.

Ava runs into Ryan. Ava says he's helped her and Ryan feels she should have more sessions with him. Ava thinks she should leave PC, but he says it's the worst thing she can do. Ryan says the feelings of rage will remain with her and only get stronger when she returns. He wants her to explore her impulses.

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Maxie's not amused when Lulu and Peter go to the film festival together and enjoy themselves. Nina doesn't understand Maxie's concerns.

Nina pulls Lulu aside to ask her about it. Lulu sings Peter's praises.

Peter and Maxie catch up. Peter asks to see James, something Maxie would be happy to have happen.

Griffin and Kiki enjoy a movie together. The two dance, then make love.

Ryan is surprised to find Spencer home. Spencer apologizes for keeping Laura away for so long. When Spencer heads out, Laura looks to spend quality time with her husband. Ryan pulls away, worried that Spencer will walk in on them.

Spencer runs into Ava. He tears a strip off of her for not helping him avenge Nikolas and get Valentin. Ava says she made a deal with Valentin in exchange for treating her face and becoming whole again. Spencer says she was more beautiful before.