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Days of Our Lives Recap: Claire and Gab"i" Spin Delicious Webs of Manipulation and Deceit

Robert Scott Wilson, Olivia Rose Keegan

Robert Scott Wilson, Olivia Rose Keegan

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem with Rafe and Hope trying to figure out who set up Ben . . . and of course, Hope thinks it was Ben trying to set her up. Rafe doesn't seem to get it, but suddenly starts running hand in hand with Hope towards any explanation that begins and ends with Ben. They continue jabbering back and forth about how they are going to get Ben when he least expects it. Hope is acting all weird again. 

Side Note: In what world would Ben have any idea how to transfer a fingerprint? Really?

In Horton Square, Claire wants Ben to work with her to break up Tripp and Ciara. Ben responds by reminding Claire he is now a better person than she is . . . she proves his point by continuing her manipulations and convincing him this is what is best for Ciara. I think these two have chemistry. 

Ciara and Tripp walk up. She is pissed and wants to know why they are together! Claire is in full on scheming mode as she works this situation to her advantage. Ciara stumbles over herself trying to say she kicked Ben out for Tripp, but Claire corrects her by saying it was really for Grandma Hope. Tripp is ready to hit the bricks, but is really hungry so he goes to grab some food. Claire is only too happy to go with him and leave Ciara with Ben. Claire is good.  

Ben is sleeping at the homeless shelter, but thinks he gets a quicker shower there than when he lived with Ciara and Claire. Then, Ciara tells him she peeked through the keyhole when Claire was in the bathroom and saw her singing into her hairbrush. Ew, that's a wee creepy. 

At the Horton House, Stefan wants to find out what's going on with Abigail. Jennifer is having none of it. Stefan says he's only worried about her state of mind. Jennifer agrees to answer his questions if he agrees to kick rocks. Jennifer fills Stefan in, but gets all beside herself when she realizes he just wants his Gabb"y" back. Stefan reminds Jennifer he'll leave everybody alone if she just tells him what's going on. For some reason, Jennifer decides it's a good idea to tell him about the black wig. Stefan looks triumphant while Jennifer becomes a mamma bear and throws Stefan out of Grandma Horton's house.

Somewhere in Salem (I'm really not sure. Help me out if you know), JJ and Chad are talking about Gabb"y". JJ doesn't think she's back. JJ is being logical here and is trying to provide alternative explanations for Abigail's spells. Chad is still in a Gab"i" haze and continues singing the same tune. JJ thinks the wig was planted and somebody used her cell phone to send the text while she was sleeping. Chad is still confused. JJ thinks Gab"i" is responsible for everything that is happening, but Chad is skeptical. To make his point, JJ reminds Chad about Gab"i" hiring that Andrew dude to kidnap Melanie while she and Chad were together. Chad still isn't sure and thinks he may need to be the one to "force" Abigail to go to the doctor. 

Side Note: Do y'all remember that story about Gabi and Melanie? It was pretty good . . . and also led to the explosion that rocked Salem and sent Jack careening down an elevator shaft. 

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Gab'i" is busy drugging up Abigail's tea and stuffing the evidence under a Kiriakis cushion when in walks Abigail. She thinks Gab"i" is quite jumpy. Gab"i" quickly changes the subject and encourages Abigail to drink her sleepy time tea. Abigail thinks Gab"i" is in cahoots with Stefan, but she puts on her best "I'm your best friend" act - Abigail is not buying it. Unfortunately for her, Gab"i"s sleepy time tea kicks right in and she falls out. Now it's time for Gab"i" to get to work. 

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Side Note: When Gab"i" is by herself and plotting her plan out loud, she is GOLD. Camila Banus must be having the best time playing this delicious foolishness out on screen. OMG. As Gab"i' is trying to dress Abigail like Gabb"y", her commentary about her pregnancy weight made me giggle out loud. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem at the loft, where Tripp and Ciara are chowing down and he is all hating on Ben. Ciara thinks he needs to give Ben a chance. Tripp reminds Ciara that no one is going to want to have Ben walking up and taking their order while WEARING A NECKTIE. Good point, Tripp. They clearly agree to disagree as an adorable food fight ensues. This leads to some half nekkid adorable foreplay, which then leads to official sexy time.

Side Note: Tripp and Ciara are a viable couple. They are cute and adorable and kind of precious. They don't have the smoldering heat of Ben and Ciara, but they are viable - add in Claire and her games - and you have a viable young quad.

In Horton Square, Ben is filling out an application while Claire continues to spin her delicious web of manipulation and deceit. Ben doesn't like lying to Ciara, but Claire's not really having it. Ben thinks what they have is pure. Claire reminds him that pure is great, but Tripp is the one she's having sex with. I'm here for Claire. HERE. FOR. HER.

As Claire is all up in her scheming, Grandma Hope and Rafe appear. She leaves them to talk with Ben. Grandma Hope apologizes to him for not believing him and shakes his hand. Ben looks confused. Grandma Hope looks satisfied as evidenced by her sly smile and raised eyebrow. 

At the Horton House, JJ is visiting his mamma who is frantic because she told Stefan about the black wig. JJ is looking at her like I did. Why would you do that? It's done now and they're both worried that Abigail may be in danger.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Abigail is waking up all dressed like Gabb"y" and calling out for Gab"i. She doesn't really understand how she got there. Just then, Stefan walks in and looks shaken and confused as he wonders allowed if Abigail is actually Gabb"y". 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Gab"i" is busy tearing apart Victor's living room and tossing tea cups all over the place. Aunt Maggie will not be amused. She takes a very heavy tray and SMACKS HERSELF IN THE FACE WITH IT. You've got to give it to Gab"i", she is dedicated to her plan. Sami and Kate would be proud of their protege. 

Just then, Gab"i" hears the door open. She falls to the ground just in time for Chad to walk in and find her. She uses all of her Gab"i"ness to play the victim.  She declares to Chad that Abigail attacked her. 

That's it! We've come to the end of another day in Salem. What did you think? Sound off in the comments!

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