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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kate Saves Gab"i" from Chabby

Kate Roberts, Days of Our Lives

Lauren Koslow

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem as Chad finds Gab"i" recovering from knocking herself out with Aunt Maggie's tea set tray. As Chad hovers and tells her Abigail couldn't have done this, Gab"i' informs him that it wasn't Abby, but Gabb"y". As she gets her wits about her, Gab"i" goes on to explain to Chad she really is on Abigail's side! Chad still seems confused that Abigail was actually there. Gab"i" tries to explain her version of the story . . . Abigail knocked her out and reemerged as Gabb"y". Chad may as well be a muppet without a hand up his backside for as much help as he is providing at this point. Gab"i" tells Chad that Gabb"y" has reemerged and she went to visit Stefan . . . but not before she spit in Gabi"i"'s face. Gab"i" continues by saying that just as Abigail was about to leave, she came back in and trashed the hell out of Maggie and Victor's living room . . . Chad FINALLY questions the truthfulness of Gab"i"'s statements . . . sort of. 

Gab"i" does her best to continue manipulating Chad by making him feel the bump on her head. She continues by saying they both knew what Gabb"y" was capable of . . . Chad doesn't seem able to use his words, but seems to be conveying that he needs to get Abigail to Marlena by whatever means necessary. As Chad leaves the mansion, Gab"i" calls a mystery person, who I assume is Kate, to come help her. 

Kate comes over to the Kiriakis mansion and starts by calling Gab"i" a liar - probably not a good way to deal with someone who has information hanging over your head. Gabi reminds her that she never really wanted Chad with Abigail in the first place - and, by the way, Chad probably wouldn't be happy if he knew she had been feeding intel to Stefan about Chad. Kate knows when to say uncle. 

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail is waking up in full Gabb"y" garb as Stefan hovers over her. He calls her Gabb"y", but she doesn't get it and assumes Stefan is responsible for her lying on that sofa in that hideous wig. Stefan explains that he just walked into his own house and actually doesn't understand what she is doing there. Abigail starts down the same road of trying to get Stefan to stay away from her . . . which, quite frankly, holds little water because she is on the sofa, in Stefan's house, wearing that ridiculous wig. 

Stefan walks her over to the mirror and just tries to get her to look at herself. Once she gets there, she gasps at that hideous wig and immediately tries to get it off her head. Stefan tries to tell her that this wig is clearly a sign that Gabb"y" is trying to get out to make a connection with him. Abigail continues to be confused. Then, she starts to remember sipping her sleepy time tea with Gab'i" and suddenly makes the connection - Gab"i" is setting them all up!

In walks Chad . . . Abigail quickly snatches the wig off her head and says none of this is what it looks like. She continues by telling Chad she was having sleepy time tea with Gab"i" and then remembers nothing. It is clear to Abigail that Gab"i" is behind all of these attacks. Stefan wants to find Gabb"y" and Abigail wants to make sure she remains integrated . . . and Chad just seems confused. In walks Kate to say that she saw Abigail knock Gab"i" out and she thinks Abigail needs all of the help.  

Inside the locked room, the man known only as "E.D." calls for "Samantha." Elsewhere inside this vast room, Kristen hovers over a knocked out and tied up Brady. She shakes him awake and tells him it is "time to say goodbye." Kristen isn't really pissed, but needs Brady to understand he has broken her trust. Brady seems to think he knows how to control Kristen . . . I'm thinking that Brady needs to check himself before he . . . y'all know the rest. Kristen tells Brady she loves him, but can't trust him. She lays a good kiss on him, tells him he will never again see the light of day, and leaves him strapped to his chair. Before she actually leaves, she goes to visit "E.D." (which I continue to read as erectile dysfunction - damn those commercials.) She keeps growling Sami's name at him, but gets nothing in return.

In some other part of Nashville, Eric is texting Nicole while he seems to be standing right outside her door. He wants to know what's happening inside the apartment. She tries to tell his daft ass to hang tight ‘til Xander heads out. Just then, Xander appears in a teensy towel to find out what's going on. I ain't mad at Ron and company for this particular start to our Wednesday. Giggle. 

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In some other part of Nashville, Sami stands firm with her pepper spray awaiting Kristen's return. Just then, Eric takes a break from sexting with Nicole to check in. He wants to make sure she is not scouting out EJ by herself. Alas, Sami is being Sami and "careful" isn't really what she does. A random guy, who I assume is the owner of the hotel, tells Sami that Kristen isn't far away. Sami goes back and forth with random dude and finally pays him off so she can be alone to search the hotel room. She finds a bag on the floor with Brady's name in it and immediately gets pissed because he is with Kristen. Sami calling Brady and addressing him by his first and last names and insisting that he "call his sister back right now!" made me giggle out loud. 

Nicole lets Xander know she was texting with Sarah to let her know her apartment is all good. When will we see her? Xander is way skeptical about her answer and thinks she was probably communicating with PriestBae. As the scene continues, Xander lets Nicole know her "wifely duties" continue to go unfulfilled . . . thus, he is off to work. Xander continues to be kind of pitiful in the way he is begging for Nicole's affection - sprinkled with threats. Nicole capitulates a bit by saying she might be willing to be more generous with her business if Xander would back down a bit. He asks for a kiss good night and Nicole pecks him on the cheek . . . and lays the real business on Eric as soon as Xander is out of sight. 

Side Note: Has Nicole's hair gotten way more blonde over the last week of episodes? No one else seems to notice - but I do. 

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Kristen telling Xander to stash Brady somewhere outside the building. After Xander leaves, Kristen says to no one in particular, she has waited too long to get this party started and now it is time to take some action. 

Outside the room, Sami and Eric make their plan of attack. Sami leaves and Eric starts rummaging around a desk. He finds an electronic device (it's not what you think it is). He starts it up (it's still not what you think it is) and hears the recording of Nicole's confession.

Gab"i" is cleaning tea cups and talking out loud about her evil scheme.

Kate doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news, but insists she saw Gabb"y", while Abigail insists Gab"i" is trying to hurt her. Kate wants her to get help as soon as possible.

Nicole is all dressed up in black. She says out loud to no one she hopes Eric is pounding on the door with the recording. But it's not Eric, it's Xander. 

Eric somehow is wriggling around on the floor. How did he get there? Sami finds the door with ED. Her hand grasps the doorknob. Fade to black.

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