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Perkie's Observations: Oscar Wants Emancipation on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Garren Stitt

Liz and Franco meet with Aiden's teacher. She says he's a great student, but he's been withdrawn lately. Liz is surprised to hear this since he's so rambunctious at home. Liz wants to know what they can do to help Aiden. Ms. Tate tells him to keep an eye on Aiden at home to see if anything becomes obvious.

Olivia tells Jordan and Curtis they can't have the Metro Court ballroom for their wedding since someone else is getting married the same day. Olivia suggests the Haunted Star and the two agree.

Julian and Alexis discuss Kristina working at the bar. Julian mentions Oscar and Kim. Alexis brings up Oscar meeting with her about challenging parental authority.

Kim wishes Oscar a happy birthday and says she and Drew want to celebrate with him. Oscar tells her to allow him to make up his own mind about his future. Kim says she's been looking for answers for two years and this trial might be it. Oscar tells her to stop pressuring him and he says won't be part of the trial.

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Joss decides to get Cam to be her boyfriend. Carly's thrilled when Joss' spirits rise. When Cam arrives, Joss tells him that making him her boyfriend will get Oscar back. Cam says Oscar has moved on, but Joss doesn't believe it. Cam talks her out of the plan, but when Joss gets the sadz, Cam agrees to play along.

Kim goes to Julian to vent her frustrations. Julian tries to get answers from her and figures out that Oscar is sick.

Carly tells Bobbie about her run-in with Nelle at the courthouse. She chats about how she gushed over Wylie in front of Michael. Carly complains about Oscar breaking up with Joss.

Alexis meets with Oscar again. Oscar tells her about the cancer and the drug trial. He asks for her help. Alexis understands, but tells Oscar he needs to be hopeful and there are new treatments every day. Oscar says the trial could kill him sooner. Oscar says he wants to be emancipated. Alexis says he has to prove that his parents aren't acting in his best interest. Oscar says if Alexis won't take his case, he'll go to Scott.

Alexis says not to take this to court and to figure it out with his parents. Oscar pleads his case so Alexis agrees to consider it.