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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nicole Escapes Xander and Enters the Salem Hallway of Horrors

Paul Telfer, Arianne Zucker

Paul Telfer, Arianne Zucker

We begin our day in Salem with a still conscious Eric looking for the evidence Xander has on Nicole and Sami looking for EJ. As they part ways, Eric finds the recording implicating Nicole. Sami approaches the E.D. door and enters only to find poor, dumb Brady. In the other room, Eric is unconscious with Kristen hovering over him. She ties him up and acknowledges her position of power with him under her control is pretty familiar. He regains consciousness to find Kristen waving a gun in his face. 

Eric wants to know about Kristen's partnership with Xander. She basically says she bought herself a monster to do her bidding. More importantly, Kristen wants to know if Sami is in town on her quest to find EJ. Eric is a terrible liar. Kristen is just full of questions today because she also wants to know if he knows the former occupant of his chair. She leans in and whispers, "It was Braaaaaady."

Eric tries to appeal to Kristen by telling her he loves Nicole and they belong together. Kristen asks if Eric wants her to let him go in "the name of love" - I'm not sure if I was supposed to giggle at that line, but I did. Kristen tells Eric that he's not going anywhere and Nicole will have to take care of Xander herself. Kristen goes on to say that Eric is being a distraction to the her, and Xander and their real work. 

In the E.D. room, Brady and Sami are bickering like 5 year olds. Sami doesn't understand how Brady could team up with that "bitch" Kristen. He's all like she came to me after I ditched Eve and Sami's all like when did that happen. Brady tries to explain that hitting the sheets with Kristen was totally altruistic as he was trying to help her find EJ. Sami would like to believe him, but she just found out what he did to Eric! She goes on to remind Brady how he ruined Eric's life. He knows, but is all like when did you become #TeamNicole and Sami is all like, um, never - "she can't stand that baby stealing tramp." Sami says that all's well that ends well because Ericole is getting their happily ever after. Brady says he'll help any way he can so he'll get that recording away from Xander - I'd bet on Xander in that fight. Sami does not like that idea because she really doesn't want Nicole to be her twin in law.

Sami gets back to what's really important. Where's EJ? Brady doesn't know and Sami is all like, I knew you weren't here to help me and starts pushing him - just like two siblings getting into it. They stop fighting just long enough to establish that Brady saw somebody sitting in a wheelchair, but was knocked out before he got a close look. Suddenly, poor dumb Brady remembers he has keys in his pocket. Sami grabs them. She uses monosyllabic words to trick Brady into staying in the room just long enough for her to shut the door and keep him locked in. Brady tries to reason with Sami, but she needs to find EJ. Bye!

Best Line: "I can't believe you would choose Kristen over your own family . .  . However, I never would have thought that Belle would pull the plug on mom, so all bets are off."

In Sarah Horton's apartment, Nicole runs to the door thinking Eric has returned with the evidence. Unfortunately for her, it is Xander returning to their little love nest. He dangles the recording in front of her and tells her that he foiled Eric's plans. Xander acknowledges she and Eric are clearly planning to grab Holly and hit the bricks. He also understands that she didn't take their vows seriously, but he did. 'Til death do us part . . . Xander thinks it's time for him to bolt with Nicole and Holly. However, he does love Nicole and isn't "a complete monster", so he'll let her say goodbye to Eric one last time . . . before he kills him. Eric must die so they can get on with their lives. 

Xander, Nicole, and Baby Holly make their way to the warehouse that currently holds Sami, Brady, Eric, Kristen, and E.D. As they are making their way in, Nicole hits Xander on the back of the head with her water bottle. As he is falling, he kind of looks like, "duh, of course this happened". She takes the evidence, grabs the stroller, and heads in to find Eric.

At Doug's Place, Belle and Chloe are catching up about Xander and Kristen's reign of terror. In walks Lucas with Baby Bonnie who Chloe refers to as "their baby girl". Belle did not see that one coming. Chloe explains that she's not the mother and Lucas continues by saying that the baby is his . . . with Bonnie Lockhart. Belle did not see that one coming either. Lucas explains about the drinking and the doppelganger-ing and how all that resulted in Baby Bonnie. Belle should just keep that surprised look on her face because this conversation is just jam packed with information that she did not see coming. Lucas explains he is seeking sole custody and Chloe is backing him up. Chloe goes on to say that Mimi is backing up her mom. They ran into each other and she gave Chloe the business about being judgmental and asked if she stole Nicole's baby from her - thanks, Belle. 

Side Note: Belle was very careful about her lawyerly duties with that advanced directive, but seems to have been a little less careful when it came to Chloe's client/lawyer confidentiality. Y'all remember that Belle represented Chloe in that custody battle against Nicole. 

Back to it, Belle says that she was just giving Meems the dirt and Chloe recognizes that they are BFFs. Belle says she loves Chloe too, but doesn't want to be in the middle of them. We also get a little Last Blast crew shout out - and I loved that particular storyline. However, I seem to recall that Mimi and Jan Spears really bullied Chloe - they were really awful to her. Belle is being awfully cavalier about something that was probably pretty painful. 

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At the Salem Inn, Bonnie has is scarfing down Baby Bonnie's food and Meems is not amused. She wants to grab the kid and go, but they can't because Bonnie's lies and deceit have gotten them into this mess. Mimi wants to go to the court and come clean, but Bonnie reminds her she did 10 years in the pokey for her. They continue to go back and forth about Bonnie being a bad mother and Mimi being really ungrateful. 

Side Note: This scene was comedic. But, it slowly shifted to a serious look at Bonnie's history as a mother. She loved Mimi, but didn't know how to show it because she was always busy looking our for herself. Nice pacing. Good stuff. 

Back to it, Bonnie convinces Mimi to go through with the custody battle because they usually side with the mother. Also, Lucas was so blitzed during conception that he didn't even know who he was sleeping with - which isn't really true, but whatever. Bonnie knows that they will never be able to beat Justin in court. Meems knows just who to call . . . Belle!  They agree to meet up. 

Belle and Mimi are SO excited to see each other as they hang out at the Salem Inn. They get right to business talking about Baby Bonnie and the custody battle. Meems wants Belle to represent Bonnie. Belle gives that look that says here I am in the middle of all this mess when I just told Ghoul Girl that I would stay out of it. Mimi thinks Ghoul Girl should mind her own business and clearly just wants to raise other people's babies. Belle says she doesn't think Bonnie should have full custody, but she is not getting in the middle of her and Chloe. Meems shuts it down by telling Belle the baby is hers. 

Mimi continues to spill every last drop of tea by telling Belle that she actually killed her father and not Bonnie. She had actually repressed the memory because it was too traumatic and Bonnie took the heat for her. Poor Belle is just having a total WTF day. Meems reminds Belle she's been down this road with Claire. She has to help her. Belle seems willing, but doesn't get it. Meems explains that Bonnie rolled the DNA dice and lucked up with a match that satisfied Lucas. Belle just shakes her head and really hopes the baby is not Philip's. Meems reminds Belle he was her "bag." Belle shoots back that this wouldn't be the first time Philip and Mimi conceived a child. Meems counters with it wasn't a conception, it was the "black glove" that came in and switched the eggs. Belle clearly understands if Philip isn't the father, she knows who is. Meems confirms it without actually saying a name aloud.  

Side Note #1: Belle and Philip were together when Claire was born and hid the paternity from Shawn Douglas. 

Side Note #2: Belle and Philip & Shawn and Mimi were couples at one point. They were both struggling with fertility issues and went to the doctor so Belle and Mimi could be pregnant at the same time. The big bad in Salem at the time was "the black glove" who was going around town messing with everybody's lives. The "black glove" switched the eggs during the fertility process so Belle ended up carrying her and Shawn's baby and Mimi's surrogate ended up carrying Belle and Phillip's baby. Belle miscarried, the surrogate had the baby, but the baby ended up in foster care. 

Side Note #3: EJ DiMera was believed to the the "black glove". I don't believe they ever identified who the "black glove" actually was.

While Belle and Meems have a powwow, Bonnie goes to the Brady Pub where Roman mistakes her for Adrienne. He seems somewhat suspect after Adrienne asks if she can put her food on her tab because she forgot her wallet. Bonnie sits down and tucks her napkin in her blouse to get ready to eat ALL OF THE FOOD she ordered. Roman brings it out, but calls Bonnie out before letting her eat. She readies to leave, but grabs a roll for good measure. Roman almost looked amused. As he is thinking about Bonnie, we hear "hey dad". Roman looks up with a big ole goofy daddy grin and says, "Rex!"

In Horton Square, Bonnie runs into Lucas and Chloe. Lucas wants Bonnie to steer clear of Baby Bonnie. As they go to leave, Bonnie grabs Chloe and asks if they can have a girl chat. Chloe tells Bonnie that she supports Lucas in anything he wants to do. She's not trying to hurt Bonnie. Bonnie counters that Chloe is actually going after Mimi. Chloe doesn't get it and Bonnie gets the heck out of dodge. 

The very end of our week in Salem features Nicole desperately looking for Eric. She comes into a hallway and approaches four doors - while screaming his name. The doors feature initials: V.A., W.R., A.D., and A.V. The scene is pretty cool as it is shot the way Nicole must perceive it - a house of horrors. 

I assume the initials represent: 1) Vivian Alamain, 2) Wilhelm Rolf, 3) Andre DiMera, and 4) Ava Vitali. What do you think about the way Friday's episode ended? What about the overall week in Salem? Sound off in the comments below!