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Perkie's Observations: Drew Refuses to Help Margaux on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Elizabeth Hendrickson

Billy Miller, Elizabeth Hendrickson

Sonny updates and complains to Jason about Drew and Margaux. Jason says her father was a player in the business and it got him killed.

Sam arrives. She tells them Spinelli handed the case to her and she has some information on Marino. When Sonny leaves the room, Sam mentions to Jason that Spin is still playing matchmaker, which frustrates her.

Stella finds Michael watching the babies in the nursery. The two talk about grief and how it can sneak up on you. Michael says watching the babies reminds him there is love and joy in the world.

Jordan, Curtis, and TJ discuss the wedding and how Stella refuses to be there. Curtis hopes his aunt will come around, but says he's done all he can to change her mind. Jordan hates being the cause of Stella's pain, but TJ feels Stella needs to let go of her anger. Jordan wants to find Stella's old love Marcus.

Peter runs into Maxie and James, and he fawns over the baby. Peter realizes he's been missing family his whole life. Maxie spots what she thinks is a rash and rushes over to the hospital.

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Margaux wonders if Drew has reconsidered helping her. Drew says he should call the police and have her arrested for having stolen property. Margaux says he can't prove she has the flash drive.

Margaux wants justice for her father. Drew counters that her father made the choice to work for Scully. He says Sonny was only following orders and had no choice. Margaux's upset that Sonny will never pay unless Drew helps her.

Margaux asks why he's protecting Sonny and Jason, but Drew says he doesn't want to hurt Sam or Monica. Drew says if he uses the flash drive, he'll lose his current memories, including meeting Oscar and the night Scout was born. Drew doesn't want to lose the life he's built. Margaux says she'll hold onto the flash drive then heads to the elevator to cry for her dad.

Maxie heads to the hospital to have James checked out and runs into Michael. It turns out James is fine, and he and Michael bond some more.

TJ finds Stella and tries to convince her to come to the wedding. Stella claims she loves Curtis and TJ, but can't do it, even for them.

Sam has photos of Margaux's parents. Sonny recognizes her mother as the woman who was having an affair with Scully. Duh duh duh.