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Perkie's Observations: Laura Finds Ryan's Hit List on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis

Joss runs into Oscar on her way to a school pep rally. She wishes him a happy birthday. He claims he has his own plans.

Julian promises Kim he'll be there for her, which Kim thanks him for.

Alexis stops by the bar to tell Kris she knows of an entry level position that is opening up. Kris tells her mother to lay off and let her make her own choices.

Laura meets up with "Kevin" at the hospital, but he blows her off. Laura demands answers about why "Kevin's" been so busy since her return. Ryan claims he has patients to deal with.

Carly has a nightmare from her time at Ferncliff. She tells Sonny about how it lingers in her subconscious.

Kim and Drew plan to meet Oscar for his birthday. Kim wants them on the same page in getting Oscar to make the best decision. When Oscar arrives he declares that he wants to live his life his way (which apparently means like a whiny little pissant).

Kim says she won't accept disrespect from Oscar, but again, he wants what he wants, which is not to do the drug trial. Kim says Oscar will die without it, but he doesn't want to waste the time he has left.

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Drew tries to speak, but Oscar calls him a hypocrite. Since Drew had medical treatment done without his consent, he should understand. Oscar tells them to back off and let him deal with it in his own way.

Mike seems a little confused on his first day back from the facility. Sonny asks Stella about it. She says Mike thrived at the facility, but it wore him out. Stella talks to Carly about Mike eventually needing around the clock care. Carly's concerned and mentions her time at Fernciff.  Carly decides changes need to be made at Ferncliff. Stella offers her help if Carly needs it.

Mike tells Sonny he was happy with the facility, but glad he could come home at the end of the day. Cam leaves his bike on the balcony while he and Joss have a snack. Mike spots the bike and thinks it's the one he bought for Sonny's birthday all those years ago. Sonny reminds him that Mike promised him the bike, but didn't end up getting it for him.

Laura tells Scott that Kevin seems distracted and bothered. Scott says long distance relationships are hard and asks if Laura thinks Kevin is stepping out on her.

Alexis heads over to "Kevin's" office to discuss why she's so hard on Kris. Ryan reads Kevin's notes and wonders if Alexis' reaction has to do with her own father. Alexis says she had no relationship with her father, but Kris thinks she controls her.

Kris calls Parker, who apparently has moved on and is now happy. Kris grabs a bottle of alcohol and heads to the park to suck it back.

Alexis heads back to the pub and lets Oscar know she'll take on his case and help him get emancipated.

Laura heads over to Kevin's office, where she finds a list of women's names, including Felicia's.