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Perkie's Observations: Kim Sends a Heavy-Handed Message to Alexis on General Hospital

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Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun

Laura realizes the list is of Ryan's victims. Ryan accuses her of snooping, but she explains she was going to leave him a note of apology. Ryan thinks about stabbing Laura in the stomach, but snaps out of it.

Laura says she's worried about "Kevin" and feels he needs to talk to someone. Ryan says no one else would understand.

Jason brings a drunk Kristina home to Sam. Sam wants to discuss what's happened, but Kristina only wants to talk about JaSam and when they're going to have sex. Sam sends her upstairs to shower off her drunkenness.

Sam wonders what triggered this with Kristina. Jason says Kristina told him she called Parker. After Jason leaves, Sam questions Kristina, who admits she was upset when Parker said she had moved on. Kristina feels stuck.

Liz worries she didn't know what was going on with Aiden. Franco reassures her that Aiden just needs extra attention.

Alexis warns Oscar fighting against his parent can come at a cost. She says he's going to have to get a job and a live independently. Alexis doesn't want him to say anything to his parents yet, but Oscar doesn't want to keep secrets.

Nina's with Sasha when she spots Kiki. She introduces the two as half sisters. Kiki and Sasha make small to talk to get to know each other. Kiki tells Sasha to give Nina a chance. Sasha says she's planning on sticking around for a while.

Nina thanks Valentin for convincing Sasha to stay. Ava overhears Nina mention a daughter, and Nina explains.

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Oscar tells Kim and Drew he's going to court to get emancipated so he can make his own decisions. Drew says it won't solve anything and accuses Alexis of putting thoughts in his head.

Kim says Oscar's only hope is the drug trial. Alexis counters that Oscar wants autonomy over his own body. Kim says Alexis doesn't know what's right for Oscar. Alexis argues that nobody does, so Kim smacks her. Kim says Oscar won't live long enough to make it to trial.

Ned stops by to see "Kevin" and Laura. He mentions the documentary being made on Ryan. He wants "Kevin" to decline to comment when anyone comes looking to talk. Ryan says he can't quash the story or deny "Ryan's" place in history. He says Lulu will make sure the focus is on the survivors.

Ned's still worried about the final product. Talk turns to the mayoral reelection. Ryan thinks Laura should throw her hat in the ring again. Ned says the ballots are closed so she can't. After Ned leaves, Ryan is angry that Laura can't run for mayor. Laura says it would be a difficult undertaking at this point and it would take her away from him. Which, of course, is why Ryan wanted her to do it.

Ava accuses Griffin of not being very discreet with Kiki. He says they aren't trying to hurt Ava and her relationship with Kiki is not beyond repair.

Jason runs into Kim. She asks if he has any sway with Alexis. Jason has he has no influence with her because Alexis doesn't approve of him.

Oscar apologizes to Alexis for Kim's slap. Alexis says she understands how Kim feels, and points out that Kim and Drew will fight hard. She asks if Oscar is ready to hurt his parents. Alexis tells him that he needs to move out of his home and find himself another place to live.

Liz and Franco commiserate with Drew. She reassures him that Alexis will convince Oscar to back down.

Kiki introduces Griffin to Sasha, who appears very interested in Father Doctor Munro, something that Ava notices.