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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sheila is Going to Work for "Shaft". . . Shut Your Mouth!

Sheila Watkins, Abe Carver, Days of Our Lives

James Reynolds, T-Boz

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem at Doug's Place where Eli is asking Grandma Julie if she'll give Sheila a job. I can't wait. Julie immediately embraces her position as the town gossip. She wants to know if Sheila is the new woman in his life, who will also keep him away from that evil, vixen, Gab"i". She is trouble, and she's been convicted of two murders in four years. Eli talks her down, but you just know that Julie believes what she is preaching. Eli goes back to selling Julie on Sheila. He tries to tell her she worked at a fast food restaurant and worked at the Kiriakis mansion, but eventually has to tell the truth - she was in prison. Julie is beside herself as her grandson is, once again, interested in a "jailbird". Eli explains he grew up with Sheila and her brother, and he wants to help her out since he was the one who put them in prison. He also mentions Sheila's brother died there. Julie's heart softens for just a minute and agrees to give Sheila a shot. 

At the Salem PD, Lani is having memories of Eli standing up for Sheila. Abe shook her out of her daydream to ask where Eli is because he parked in his damn spot. Abe is awfully possessive of that parking spot. Lani said he was in a hurry, while Abe thinks he's being a jokester . . . until Sheila walks in and sets the record straight. She did it . . . again. AND. WHAT. Abe is done with her, but Sheila tells him to slow his roll. She goes on to explain she didn't park her car in his space . . . she's driving Eli's car. The banter between Abe and Sheila is just gold. 

Lani tells her daddy that towing Eli's car is not a good idea, and Sheila agrees. Eli already paid $250 to get her car out and he's letting her stay with him - Lani shot her some side eye at that one. 

Side Note: Lani, you kicked Eli to the curb so put those eyes back in your head. 

Abe leaves. Sheila wants to know if Abe is that way with everybody, then realizes that she gets under Lani's skin as well. Sheila gives in a little bit. She apologizes for calling Lani a skank and saying bad things to her about her Pops, but Abe makes her skin itch. Lani let's it go . . . for a minute and then asks Sheila about staying with Eli in his cramped apartment. Sheila tries to shoot the breeze with her, but Lani is clearly just getting the skinny on her intentions with Eli. 

Lani heads into Abe's digs and asks him to give Sheila a job. We all know that she's doing so Sheila can get enough money to get the heck up out of Eli's apartment, but she says it's because Sheila needs a break. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Gab"i" catches JJ all up in her business. JJ says he came to check on Gab"i", but she's not buying what he's selling. She knows he's snooping through her purse and thinks she is setting Abigail up. Gab"i" uses every last bit of her sway over JJ to try and convince him she could never do such a thing. Gab"i" reminds JJ she saved his life and waited by his side. He seems a little ashamed of searching her purse. She seizes the opportunity by reminding him he used to love her, and JJ backs off more and more. He's just worried about his sister. I really hope JJ is smarter than this and is just biding his time until he can actually figure this story out. 

Just then, Abigail walks in ready to rumble and tells Gab"i" every last detail of her plan. In an attempt to make Abigail look crazier, Gab"i" does her own version of O.J. Simpson's "If I did it." She tells Abigail that no one would blame her if she did it because of all the things that happened to her that can be laid right at Abigail's doorstep. 

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At University Hospital, Kate walks in to give fake comfort to Chad and Abigail . . . and she's having none of it. She spits venom and asks her why she lied just in time for Jennifer Rose to walk up and look pain stricken that her daughter is, once again, falling down the rabbit hole. Abigail goes on about Gab"i" setting her up. Kate almost sounds convincing when she says that Gab"i" would never do such a thing. Then, Abigail brings up the name of NICK FALLON - oh, how I miss Nick - and reminds anyone who will listen about how Gab"i", Kate, and Sami tried to drown him in the river. Kate and Abigail go back and forth as Kate becomes even more steadfast in her defense of Gab"i" and herself. Once again, Jennifer Rose makes her way over and acts as if she is going to tell Abigail to stop acting a fool. Ain't nobody believing her. 

Abigail is proving to be the only sharp tool in a very dull shed as she has also figured out that Gab"i" must be blackmailing Kate. She's so pissed that she lunges at Kate . . . and all the dull tools think she is getting sicker by the minute. After Abigail flees, Chad mumbles something and goes after her. Jennifer Rose then tries to apologize to Kate who says, "Your daughter's a lunatic just like your mother." Ooooooooooooh! I kind of love that Kate dug in her heels and used this opportunity to lash out. It was quick, came out of nowhere, and cut to the bone. 

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan appears to be having a dream or a vision of Gabb"y" playing the piano and singing her haunting song. They get into a conversation about how strong that "bitch" Abigail is and Dream Gabb"y" wonders if "Sam" really wants them to be together - as she pulls his hand to her pregnant belly. She goes on to say that she needs Stefan to get up off the sofa, stop feeling sorry for himself, and fight. Dream Gabb"y" keeps pushing and prodding Stefan and keeps appearing and disappearing. She's tormenting him. I don't hate it. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem at the Salem PD with Lani trying to convince Abe to give Sheila a job as his executive assistant. In the other room, Eli is beside himself that Sheila parked his car in Abe's spot, AGAIN. Sheila tells him to relax because she's already told "Shaft" what she did. She called him, "SHAFT!" It's too good. She goes on to say that she's just about had enough of "that ass's behind" for today. Just then, Lani drags Abe out to say that he's going to give her a shot at being his executive assistant. I am SO looking forward to this dialogue. 

Cut to a daydream of Sheila washing dishes for Julie at Doug's Place. . . . she'll take the job with Abe. Side Note: THAT. WAS. GOLD.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Gab"i" tells Abigail that Thomas is sleeping and that she can't take him. She goes to get her son and Chad walks in to stop her and tell her she's not going anywhere. JJ agrees to go upstairs with her so she can kiss him good night. Gab"i" takes the opportunity to get in Chad's ear and tell him he needs to do something to rectify this situation before it gets worse. She continues to twist the knife even more by saying if he hadn't come home Abigail could have taken off with Thomas. Jennifer calls to check on things and Chad tells her that Abigail isn't going back to the hospital and he's going to have her committed. Still the sharpest tool in the shed, Abigail overhears and sneaks out the door. JJ comes back downstairs having been cornered upstairs by Susan Banks and is equally concerned about Abigail. 

Just as Stefan is regaining consciousness and leaving Dream Gabb"y" behind, Abigail walks in and tells him that if he ever loved any part of her, he will help her. 

We've come to the end of another day in Salem. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Monday and Tuesday's episodes. I wish I had been able to do a recap. Eric, Nicole, Little Holly, Brady (poor, dumb, Brady), Kristen, Xander, Dr. Rolf, "E.D." and a big BOOM. It was brilliant, but those two episodes are also what made today's episode good. We got some much needed comic relief. 

What did you think about today's episode? What do you think will happen tomorrow? Sound off in the comments!

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