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Perkie's Observations: Carly Gives Liz a Warning About Josslyn on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Laura stops by to see Alexis to let her know she's thinking of running for mayor against Ned. She wants to give voice to the people, and while Alexis warns about the backlash, she feels Laura would be good.

Julian's happy when Olivia drops by with Leo. Julian talks about how important it is to spend time with family. Olivia says Julian is a better man now and believes it's Kim's positive influence.

Carly pays a visit to Liz to discuss Cam and Joss' relationship. Liz is surprised to hear the two have been spending a lot of time together. Carly says she isn't opposed to it, but both mothers need to be on the same page.

Carly says they have to coexist, but warns Liz she better not be snarky to her precious Josslyn. Liz says she has no problem with Joss, but Carly continues to insist that Liz better treat Joss nicely.

Drew tells Curtis that he can't be his best man, but won't tell him why. Curtis pushes, saying he's there for Drew. Drew explains about Oscar's sickness.

Kim wants Sam's help. She tells her that Oscar is refusing to be in the drug trial and hired Alexis. Kim wants Sam to speak to her mother. Sam says she can't get involved because she feels it's Oscar's risk to take. Sam explains about Jason's brain tumor and how she had to let him make his own choice to have the surgery.

Kim points out that Oscar is a child and the drug trial is his only chance. Sam says she doesn't have any influence on Alexis, but knows who does.

Cam wants to know why Oscar slept on his floor the night before. Oscar says he can't stay with his parents. He complains again that all medical decisions should be up to him. He gets angry with Cam for spending so much time with Joss. Cam reminds him that he pushed Josslyn away.

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Drew tells Alexis that Diane is representing them (which I found odd, seeing as Diane treated Drew like garbage when he found out he wasn't Jason). Alexis says she's not dropping the case.

Alexis says Oscar feels powerless and needs a sense of control. She says if she doesn't defend him, Oscar will go to Scott and get lost in the shuffle. Alexis is trying to keep Oscar from being exploited. Drew says it won't matter if Oscar is dead in three months. Alexis assures Diane if given the chance, Oscar might decide to do the right thing.

Olivia tells Carly she wants to rent out the ballroom for the mayoral celebration. Laura's there, so Olivia asks for her endorsement, which Laura can't give. After Olivia leaves, Laura tells Carly she's running for mayor. Carly says people will be thrilled as the social services have not been dealt with.

Carly tells Laura about her experience at Ferncliff. She wants someone held accountable. Laura agrees to help and wants to take a tour of the facility.

When Cam gets home, Liz asks about the time he's been spending with Joss. Cam insists they are just friends. Liz asks about Oscar and tells Cam to be sensitive to his feelings. Cam tells his mother that he loves her.

Diane reassures Drew that no judge will grant emancipation unless Oscar can prove he's self sufficient.

Oscar wants the busboy job from Julian and he agrees. Oscar heads back to Alexis to let her know.

Julian lets Kim know that Oscar will be working at the pub. Kim tells him that Oscar wanted the job so he can become emancipated. She says Oscar wants control over his medical condition, but that his life is at stake.

Kim explains Alexis' part in it and asks for Julian's help since he has influence over her.