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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bonnie and Hattie Have a Vodka Infused Doppelganger Reunion

Adrienne Johnson, Days of Our Lives

Judi Evans, Deidre Hall

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem at Doug's Place with Lucas hovering over Baby Bonnie. Chloe and her new fabulous haircut brings Lucas a nice, refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage. I wonder how long that will last after Baby Bonnie is revealed to be Baby Meems? 

In Horton Square, Bonnie and Meems are enjoying a lovely, mother-daughter feast . . . yeah, not so much. Bonnie wants fruit and Mimi wants to snatch her baby back from Bonnie's one night stand. Bonnie thinks that it wasn't such a good idea to tell Belle the whole truth since she's so close to Chloe. Mimi insists that Belle is HER best friend and the whole lawyer/client privilege thing will protect her. Belle walks up and asks Meems if she's ready to go. Bonnie wants to come, but is brutally rebuffed when she's told they are going to talk to Big Daddy Horton about Baby Bonnie. 

Side Note: Bonnie's hair looks FABULOUS!

Back at Doug's Place, Lucas gets a phone call from Justin who has some news! Bonnie has lawyered up and has gone for the jugular by bringing up his alcoholism and time in the pokey. Just as Lucas is going to tell Chloe about the "shark" Bonnie hired, Meems and Belle walk in. Chloe is all like, "what?" Belle and Mimi try to explain what is going on, but Chloe is having none of their nonsense. Belle says that Bonnie isn't around because she didn't want her to escalate the situation. She continues by saying that they are there to talk about their countersuit for custody. The judge has decided it's in the best interest of Baby Bonnie for Mama Bonnie to have visitation. Again, Chloe and her fabulous haircut are having NONE of their foolishness. 

Mimi holds Baby Bonnie while Chloe gives her the side eye and wonders how she is so good with a baby she's never seen. While Meems rebonds with her baby, Chloe digs into Belle about how she could side with Bonnie. Belle thinks Bonnie is entitled to raise Baby Bonnie, but also thinks Big Daddy Horton is entitled to know his daughter. Chloe and her hair are none to happy. 

Side Note: Lucas' hair is growing out and looking a bit like a 70's singer on the cover of a teen magazine. 

At the Salem Inn, Kate answers the door to find the male side of the Gemini twins at her door. Rex has some news. Kate is a wee annoyed to hear that Rex stayed with Roman last night and is just making his way to see the blue streaked queen! Chocolates are enough to heal Kate's wounded heart. Rex announces that he is engaged! Kate seems none to pleased because Rex never said anything about this girl. He says they've been dating about a year. 

Side Note: Wait a minute. Rex has been dating his fiancee for about a year . . . Mimi has a baby who couldn't be any more that a few months old . . . do the math. I'm guessing that Sexy Rexy might have cheated on his betrothed. 

Back to it . . . Rex says that he didn't tell her because Kate hasn't always been supported of her kids' choices . . . Kate says she would be supportive if her children's choices were worthy . . . whatever, Kate just wants to be filled in. She's from Salem. Kate is suspicious and jumps to the conclusion it is Mimi - who "aborted his child" . . . Rex tries to stop her. It's not her! Kate and Rex's conversation strays to how much Rex would like a baby of his own - because he spent some time with Baby Bonnie and his brother. Kate would love to see him have a baby and maybe one for his twin sister Cassie. 

Side Note: I would LOVE to see Cassie recast. She would add to an age range that is sorely lacking in Salem. 

Back to it . . . 

At University Hospital, Hattie is still all up in Marlena's bed reading trash mags and being all pissed that she is still pretending to be Dr. Marlena Evans. Just then, Bonnie enters and addresses Hattie as Dr. Marlena Evans. They are THRILLED to see each other, and Bonnie brought food . . . and drink. Bonnie wants to know the skinny. Hattie is more interested in talking about Bonnie's custody case. While we were gone, Bonnie clearly filled Hattie in on her scam. Hattie is jealous as she wishes she had a similar scam to keep her out of prison . . . but never mind that, Bonnie wants the scoop on the haps at the prison. Joan? Well, she's dead . . . doesn't matter cuz Bonnie didn't like her anyhow. Rita? She's dead, too. Coco? She's alive, but so boring you wouldn't know the difference. They're done now, but they're vodka is already a 1/4 of the way gone. 

Suddenly, their vodka bottle is only 1/2 way full and Bonnie is commenting on how fine that silver fox John is . . . not Hattie's type - their marriage is simply platonic. Bonnie tells the TRUTH by relaying my feelings (I hope my truth is your truth) and saying she doesn't get how they expected Hattie to return to prison after doing the fine people of Salem this solid. 

Bonnie and Hattie keep going and reminisce a bit about their exploits from a year ago when they got drunk at the Salem Inn . . . ruined by that horrid Angelica who up and died. Hattie really just wants to go back to talking about her Roman Brady. She looooooooves him. Bonnie even thinks he has a certain kind of rugged handsomeness . . . Hattie doesn't like her talking about her Roman. Bonnie assures her that she only has eyes for her fake baby daddy. 

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In the construction zone, Kayla is giving Marlena a clean bill of health. She'll be sprung soon! Kayla, who was instrumental in bringing Hattie in, is making Marlena worry that Hattie will want to hang on to her life. Nice, Kayla. Marlena says that John has a plan. They go on to talk about Nashville. Kayla relays the news that she is having "E.D." transferred to their burn unit. Marlena says that she talked to Samantha Gene last night and she's worried. With a straight face, Marlena says that Kristin, Xander, and Nicole perished in the fire. Really, Mar? 

Marlena wants to know about Steve. Kayla has only spoken to him once since he was picked up. Why was he picked up, Marlena wants to know? With a straight face, Kayla explains that it wasn't Steve who revealed confidential information, it was his bionic eye. Giggle. Kayla is sure that Stefan is to blame, but hasn't told anyone . . . which is a good thing since he is currently having lucid dreams of some sort of Dream Gabigail concoction. Kayla goes on to say that Steve will stay with the ISA until they can prove that Stefan is responsible. How will they do that, especially since he's being so careful with Abigail being pregnant with the fruit of his loins. Marlena wants to know how Abigail is . . . honey, if you only knew. Abigail wants to have a session because she's afraid her alters are back. Marlena's good with a session, but Abs isn't willing. 

At the Brady Pub, John, and Roman are talking about Paul's boxes . . . of memorabilia. Roman questions John's motives and wants to know what the deal is. John explains the bind he finds himself in about Hattie who oddly doesn't understand why she has to go back to prison. Really, Roman and John? Really? You can't understand why after you illegally sprung her from prison to impersonate Marlena, Hattie doesn't want to return to prison to serve time for impersonating Marlena? Bitches, please. 

John thinks that there is no one who can get through to Hattie but Roman . . . cuz he is the love of her life. John thinks that Roman is the only one who can get her to give up her champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Roman doesn't think it would work. John is all, "I would do it for you." and "You are ROMAN BRADY." Roman isn't picking up what he's throwing down. Roman's kids are all cray and he doesn't have time. John counters by saying Doc's kids are cray too. No fair, John. 

John tries to reason with Roman that if they don't handle Hattie, she'll continue to give them grief, and he wants to be married to his Doc right now. Roman wonders what we all do, "haven't you been married enough already?" All this convincing sold Roman. He'll romance Hattie to get her out of their hair. 

Side note: I think it would be fun if Hattie and Roman actually fell in love. Yes, I know it would be silly, but I'm kind of liking the comedic stories that offset all of the drama. 

We begin the ending of our day in Salem with Lucas and Chloe discussing Baby Bonnie. Chloe and her hair believe in Lucas. Lucas and his hair are bouncing and behaving because they have Chloe.

Belle and Meems leave with Baby Bonnie and stand outside the Brady Pub discussing things that would be better discussed within the confines of their room at the Salem Inn. 

In the construction zone, Kayla and Marlena continue to bond as John comes in to tell them that Roman has agreed to pimp himself out for a cause. Kayla leaves Jarlena alone and they discuss the possibility that pimping out Roman might solve their Hattie dilemma. 

Upstairs, Roman enters Hattie's room to find the remnants of Bonnie and Hattie's doppelganger party. Hattie doesn't understand why he's there until Roman reveals food from Buddy's Burger Bar. He wanted to do something nice for her. Hattie totally gets that Roman has an ulterior motive, but he smooths it over with his sweet words. He missed her. Hattie is skeptical, but seems flummoxed. Roman continues his sweet words and Hattie seems kind of sick . . . and then hurls. 

At the Salem Inn, Kate calls Roman to bitch him out about leaving her in the dark about Rex's return. She eats her chocolates and tells his voicemail that she was really surprised to hear about his fiancee - a detail that was apparently left off our screens.

Back in Horton Square, Bonnie is stirring a late afternoon Bloody Mary and lamenting about what a light weight Hattie is . . . when she is clearly confronted with someone's presence. 

Back in front of the Brady Pub, Belle and Meems are cooing over Baby Bonnie. Belle heads out and leaves Meems to talk to the baby about how sorry she is that all of this mess is happening. Enter Rex . . . simultaneous gasps.

Our day in Salem has come to an end. What did you think about today's episode? What will happen tomorrow? Sound off in the comments!

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