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Perkie's Observations: Anna Returns Empty Handed on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Michael Easton

Finola Hughes, Michael Easton

Oscar tells Alexis he has a job. She tells him to find someplace to live. Julian arrives to talk to Alexis. He says he knows what Oscar is going through, and both Sam and Kim thought he could influence Alexis. Julian swears he's just there as a friend.

Julian says Kim is desperate. Alexis counters that Oscar wants control. Julian says Oscar is choosing not to fight the illness and he'll be estranged from his parents when he needs them most.

Alexis says Oscar is not saying no to the treatment, just that he wants to come to that decision on his own. She's certain he'll make the right decision. Julian hopes she's right because Oscar doesn't have much time. Really show? Then maybe start making Oscar look sick or something if you want us to believe he's going to drop dead in the near future.

Anna's back in town and reunites with Finn for some love in the afternoon. Finn asks if she found Dr. Obrecht, but Anna says the trail went cold. She figures Liesl cashed in some favors. She's determined to be there when Liesl resurfaces because she owes it to Peter to get justice.

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Nina introduces Maxie to Sasha. Maxie talks about the crazies in the Reeves/West closet, including Britt, Liesl, and Nina herself. Nina admits to spending time in a mental facility, but says she's fine now. Maxie asks if Sasha has any crazy branches on her tree.

Sonny finds Margaux talking to Kristina at the pub and warns her off. After Margaux takes off, Kristina lays on the "poor me" talk, I'm a loser and a screw up. Wasting life and potential yada, yada, yada. At least she said Julian has treated her fairly.

Spinelli shows up to declare JaSam the greatest love that ever loved. Hey, remember yesterday when Kristina declared JaSam the greatest love that ever loved? And when Carly declared JaSam the greatest love that ever loved? You know show, if you have to have everyone tell me that, it ain't the greatest love that ever loved.

Spin has info that Margaux's mom didn't cash in on dad's life insurance after he disappeared. The Scooby gang can't figure out why. Sonny shows up for an update. Spin says the mom filed a claim after Marino's body was found. He says the insurance hasn't paid out since they're investigating.

Nina wants Sasha to stay longer. Sasha says she's a temp employee and currently between jobs. Nina wants her to consider making PC her home. Valentin invites them to dinner with Charlotte. Sasha agrees to stay longer.

Daisy invites Kristina to a bonfire on the beach. Oscar interrupts to ask for the busboy paperwork. Kristina is surprised to hear he's trying to get emancipated. Oscar mentions trying to find someplace to live. Daisy says there is a room open where she's living.