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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Carly Get Into Ferncliff on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Laura Wright

Genie Francis, Laura Wright

Sam and Jason read Mrs. Marino's letter to Scully to find dirt on Margaux's dad. Jason actually says Margaux deserves what's coming to her. (Why show? Because she has the audacity to be doing her job?) Sam wonders who Margaux will target next.

Sonny meets Michael for a drink to see how he's doing. Michael reassures him he's doing his best. Sonny says grief has no timetable and you just have to go through it. The two spot Margaux. Michael wonders what he missed out on about the explosion at the pub. Sonny mentions that Mike was involved and Margaux came looking for answers.

Ryan's trying to get to Ferncliff to stop Laura and Carly's visit, but is stopped by Stella. She requested paperwork from Dr. Collins for a patient of hers and hasn't received it yet. Ryan is annoyed when she insists he deal with it now.

Curtis and Jordan discuss their wedding and how Stella will boycott it. Jordan says she found Stella's long lost Marcus, but he's been happily married for 30 years. Stella arrives. Once, again Jordan offers the olive branch, but Stella refuses.

Laura and Carly insist on viewing all of Ferncliff, every room and every patient. (I'm pretty sure you can't just walk into a facility for the criminally insane and insist on seeing everyone.) Carly looks into the room beside hers, but thinks it's empty. Kevin is actually there, but on the floor by the door where he isn't spotted by either woman.

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Mary Pat returns. She comments her life has taken a downturn and that it's Carly's fault. Carly reminds Mary Pat she said there would be consequences. Now she's paying the price for treating Carly poorly.

Anna and Finn head over to Pentonville for a talk with Britt. Anna tells Finn she's worried that Liesl won't drop the vendetta against Peter, and needs her behind bars. When Britt arrives, Anna asks if she's seen her mother. Britt says no, then asks about Peter. Anna has a deal for Britt. She can get an early release in exchange for helping the WSB catch Liesl.

Sam and Jason find a letter from Mrs. Marino to Scully asking him to take out Vincent. They update Sonny, who wonders how he can use this information to his advantage.

Margaux cozies up to Michael, who wants nothing to do with her. She says Sonny killed her father, just like he killed Michael's father. Michael says he's not talking to her and he won't help her take Sonny down.

Michael warns that he has friends in high places. If Margaux's not careful, he'll accuse her of abusing her power and make her life uncomfortable.

Ryan arrives at Ferncliff to stop the women from entering the room next door. He says it's the maximum security wing and the rules need to be followed. Laura backs down so Ryan leaves. Carly again insists the nurse open the door, but Laura says they should listen to "Kevin".

Ryan meets up with Mary Pat at the bar. (Methinks Mary Pat is not long for this world.)