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Perkie's Observations: Mary Pat Gets Under Ryan's Skin on General Hospital

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Jon Lindstrom, Patricia Bethune

Jon Lindstrom, Patricia Bethune

Anna wants Britt to lure her mother to Port Charles in exchange for her freedom. Britt strings Anna along for a bit, then agrees. She wants her medical license reinstated, but Anna refuses. Britt agrees, gets released, and heads to the Rib.

Laura commends Carly for how things went at Ferncliff. Carly admits Laura was right in pulling them out. Carly though, is still curious about the patient in the room next door. Laura offers her support and promises to fix the problems at Ferncliff.

Ryan wants to go somewhere private to talk with Mary Pat. They head to the pier where Mary Pat tells him she was a good soldier to "Kevin" and she kept his secret about keeping Ryan in Ferncliff. Ryan wants her to remain discreet. Mary Pat wants something in exchange.

Mary Pat wants Ryan to get her a job at the hospital. Until then, she also wants money to live on. Ryan says once he's done that, they're association is over. Mary Pat however, is not in a hurry to give up the gravy train.

Peter tells Lulu they're numbers are on the rise since she's started to write the Ryan articles. They talk about nature versus nurture when it comes to evil. Lulu says Peter has a conscience.

Chase finds Ms. Tate asleep in her car in the parking garage. He does a sobriety test, which she passes. She says she isn't drunk, just preoccupied. When she goes to leave, the car won't start, so Chase helps her. He spots a support group flyer on the passenger side.

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Lulu spots Britt at the next table and loses it. She dumps a pitcher of margaritas on her head. Peter and Anna separate them. Lulu introduces Peter and Britt. Peter's curious as to why his sister has been released.

Anna tells him that she's using Britt to lure Liesl out, but wants Peter to stop Lulu from spilling the beans about Britt's release. Anna asks that it be kept out of the papers, until she catches Liesl. She promises Peter will get the exclusive. Anna tells Britt she'll be staying with her.

Carly runs into Michael. He tells her about his run in with Margaux and how she brought up A.J. Carly's angry, but Michael convinces her he dealt with the DA. Michael admits he's not dealing with his grief and he has to stop pretending.

Carly offers to help, but Michael refuses. He shows her a flyer for a support group he's planning on attending.

Sonny says he understands Margaux because he pulled the trigger that left her fatherless. He says he knows she needs to be stopped, and will take it from here. Jason worries that Jeannette knows Sonny pulled the trigger and it could come back on him.

Michael and Ms. Tate end up at the same support group meeting.

Mary Pat tells "Kevin" their association isn't over until she decides. Ryan finds a weapon.