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Perkie's Observations: Laura's Fundraiser Ends With a Surprise Appearance on General Hospital

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Nina tells Valentin she's not spending the night, but the storm gets worse, then power goes out. She still believes Valentin set up everything once he knew about the storm.

Despite Nina's claims, Valentin swears he didn't orchestrate anything. But, he still loves her and wants her back. The two kiss, but Nina pulls away. Nina says if she lets him in again she knows he will hurt her, and she won't allow it.

Laura says her fundraiser is about collecting money for mental health. Olivia and Ned show up and announce they'll match whatever donations they receive. Ned says he plans on refocusing his energy on mental health and other social issues. Carly wants to talk about Ferncliff. Olivia points out it's state run institution. Ned promises to assign Laura to a special task force to address the issue.

Michael tells Carly he went to a support group meeting and it's a step in the right direction. Later, Michael and Chase spend some bonding time, talking about Nelle and the mistakes they made.

Ava tries to make small talk with Carly, who blames her again for Morgan's death. Ryan eavesdrops as Ava says she wasn't responsible. Carly counters she's coming after her.

Joss and Cam hang out at the docks. Cam finds Mary Pat's ID badge.

Drew stops by Charlie's to talk to Oscar. He says the drug trial starts December 1st and thinks they should take a road trip first. Drew wants to go to Florida to watch a meteor shower. Oscar accuses him of keeping him out of the city so he can't fight his lawsuit.

Drew says he wants spend as much time as possible with Oscar because he and Scout are all he has. Drew says he's not ready to let Oscar go. Oscar's grateful, but wants to continue with the lawsuit.

Julian tells Kim he wasn't able to convince Alexis to drop the case. Kim doesn't understand Alexis' motives. Julian thinks Alexis wants Oscar to have the chance to make his own decisions. Kim accuses Julian of being on Alexis' side, which Julian denies. Kim is determined to try and get through to Oscar. She wonders if Joss can help.

Alexis tells everyone that Laura's popularity is surging in the polls. After only 2 days, she's at 28% and has momentum. Ned worries about this, though Olivia reassures him Laura can't catch up.

Carly wants to talk to "Kevin" about the guy in the room next door. This pisses off Ryan. He says the patient was dangerous and belonged there. He tells Carly she needs to back off. Carly's surprised. Ryan apologizes and claims he's just being protective of her.

Ryan wants to have a drink with Ava. She doesn't understand why since everyone is eager to tell him her sins. Ryan says she's not responsible for Morgan's death.

At the fundraiser, the first game is bobbing for apples. Ryan makes an excuse to leave, but Ava spots him watching from the doorway. Carly pays her money for the game. Before she dives in, Mary Pat's head rises to the surface.