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Perkie's Observations: Mary Pat Shows Up at Ava's Gallery on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

The morning after the fundraiser, Jordan and Chase are trying to find answers about Mary Pat's gruesome death. Laura's upset that it happened at her event, though Mac reassures her. Laura's also annoyed that "Kevin" didn't respond to any of her texts during the night.

Ryan shows up to give his statement to the police. He explains that he had drinks with Mary Pat the night before. Ryan tells the police that Mary Pat was upset and blamed Carly for getting her fired. Ryan lays it on thick that Carly had motive when she threatened Mary Pat for torturing her.

Laura tries to make light of "Kevin's" statement, but Ryan explains how Carly said she might do something she'd regret.

Carly has a nightmare about seeing the face in the apples and explains what happened to Sonny. She gets called to talk to Jordan. She admits to Sonny she's not sorry Mary Pat's dead. Sonny tells her to keep that to herself.

Scott sees a change in Ava. She says she's feeling better about herself these days, thanks to "Kevin's" therapy. She says she's not slipping back into her old ways, but has her life under control.

Nina wakes up on Valentin's couch, ready to head back to the mainland. Valentin says after that kiss, he hasn't given up hope on her.

Kiki, Griffin, and Sasha go out for a run together. Sasha complains of leg cramps, so Griffin massages them for her. They run into Nina, who is returning from the island. She explains she had to spend the night.

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When Kiki and Griffin leave, Sasha mentions she's staying with Kiki, and Griffin is down the hall. Nina asks if she's interested in Griffin and Sasha admits that she is. Nina points out he's Kiki's boyfriend. Sasha explains that Ava told her they weren't serious, but Nina warns her not to talk to Ava.

Ava gets to her gallery and finds the rest of Mary Pat's body hanging out. Nina shows up to argue with her about Sasha. She sees the body and calls police.

Carly gets to the Rib and explains to Jordan what happened the night before. Jordan questions her about her feelings for Mary Pat. Carly admits she's not sorry that Mary Pat is dead, but didn't kill her. Jordan says someone close to her, namely Sonny, could have done it for her. Sonny denies any involvement in the death.

Ryan heads to the pier to get rid of the murder weapon. Laura finds him and confronts him about his many lies. Ryan says he's been reevaluating his life and no longer feels the same way about her. Ryan says they should separate.

Laura's upset and tries her best to talk him out of it. She says they can't give up because they made promises to each other. Ryan says they can't fix what's broken and he's moving out tonight. (Laura honey, just be glad you're still alive.)

Jordan and Chase question Ava. She claims she never met Mary Pat and doesn't know how the body got into the gallery. Chase finds strands of blond hair on the body.

Sasha heads to Wyndemere to talk to Valentin. She's happy to stay in Port Charles since everyone has been so nice to her. Valentin says the longer she stays, the more likely someone will find out the truth about her.

Sasha says not to worry, no one will find out she really isn't Nina's daughter.