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Perkie's Observations: Brad Reunites With His Bestie Britt on General Hospital


Curtis heads to the polls to vote, but when he puts his ballot in, the machine spits it back out with smiley face stickers all over it.

Jordan questions Anna about Britt's release. Anna explains her plan and promises Jordan first crack at Liesl once she's caught.

Finn takes Britt to the hospital and gives her a dose of what will eventually become the common cold. The plan is for Britt to play sick so she can draw out her mother.

Chase runs into Willow and the two make small talk. Later, Lulu runs into them and pushes Chase to ask her out.

Willow and Michael run into each other, and Lulu introduces them. After Lulu leaves, the two talk about how they already met at the grief counseling session.

Brad's starting to feel the walls closing in and worries someone will figure out that Wiley isn't his. Julian tells him to keep his mouth shut and continue to be a father.

Michael's hanging out with Lucas and Wiley when Julian pops in to see the baby. After Julian walks away, Michael asks Lucas if he's reconsidered having Julian in the baby's life. Lucas says he made a deal with the birth mother.

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As Lucas is leaving, Julian tells him to carve out time for Brad. Lucas says he's proud of the changes Julian has made to his life. He still doesn't want Julian to be part of Wiley's life, but is willing to let his father into his own life.

Curtis heads to the station and to tell Jordan about the ballots. She gets her IT department onto it and figures that a virus was put into the computer system.

Ned stops by to invite Laura to his victory party and to ask her to join his administration. Jordan calls to have them come down to the station. She explains about the virus, so Ned calls a press conference.

Anna and Finn want Brad to help them pull off their scam to get Liesl out into the open. While Brad is thrilled to see Britt, he doesn't want to be part of the shenanigans now that he's a father.

Anna promises that he'll be legally protected. She says he only needs to run tests and keep his mouth shut.

Britt wants to know everything that's been happening with Brad, especially about the baby. Brad admits the baby isn't his.

Chase talks to Finn and Anna about Mary Pat's case. Anna says they need a profiler.

At the press conference, Jordan explains that a virus was introduced into the voting machines and they've been compromised. Ned says they are suspending the election and will reschedule it. Laura denounces the perpetrator and claims it's an attack on their way of life.

Spencer looks worried as Jordan promises that they'll find the culprit and prosecute them.