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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Throws Down His Ace Card With Margaux on General Hospital

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Maurice Benard

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Maurice Benard

Carly brings Jason up to speed about Mary Pat's death. She admits she hated the nurse, but swears she didn't kill her. Jason reassures her that everything Mary Pat put her through at Ferncliff is documented, and Carly has nothing to hide.

Carly still wants to solve the mystery of the patient at Ferncliff. She says she can't let it go. Jason points out it could be dangerous, but Carly is determined. Jason offers his services to find out what happened to Carly while she was there.

Jordan wants Curtis' help with another investigation as she's spinning her wheels. She points out that CarSon had issues with Mary Pat. Curtis understands Carly's side and says he got a bad vibe from Mary Pat as well. Jordan questions him and Curtis admits he and Sam investigated Ferncliff.

Ryan finds a jumpy Ava at her gallery. He knows she isn't the killer because it's not her style. Ava's surprised he feels this way since she isn't a saint. Ryan claims he knows who she is and wishes he'd been there when she found the body so he could help her cope.

Lulu stops by to see if Laura is ready to vote. Laura says she's reconsidered and doesn't want to campaign anymore. Lulu thinks it has to do with Mary Pat's head bobbing up at Laura's fundraiser. Laura tells Lulu that Kevin left her. Spencer eavesdrops as Laura explains to Lulu what Kevin told her. Lulu's shocked, but sides with her mother. She tells Laura not to waste her energy on Kevin and to get elected.

Ava and Ryan end up at the pub for a drink. When Laura shows up and sees them together, she and Lulu leave, but Spencer stays behind. Spencer confronts "Kevin", saying his nice guy persona is all an act. Spencer says "Kevin" has no loyalty, no soul, and he and Ava deserve each other because they're two of a kind.

Ava's upset when Spencer leaves, but Ryan reassures her. She's glad she found a kindred spirit.

Laura and Lulu vote. Spencer does something to the voting machine.

Jordan gets the autopsy report and tells Curtis that Mary Pat was killed before she was beheaded.

Sonny tells Margaux he and Carly were interviewed by Jordan and Carly had nothing to do with the death. Margaux assures him she'll get whoever did this because she always gets the bad guy.

Sonny declares she'll never get him and wants Margaux to stay away from his family. Margaux says Sonny killed her father to earn his stripes. Sonny tells her to stop pushing this or she'll get hurt.

Margaux says threatening her is a felony. Sonny says if she keeps looking into her father's death, she won't like what she finds. Margaux says she just wants the truth, which neither Sonny or his posse are capable of.

Sonny says he's offering peace and she's spitting in his face. He tells Margaux he knew her mother because she was involved with Joe Scully. Margaux's insulted and goes to slap Sonny. But, he stops her.

Sonny says Jeannette wanted to be a widow and wanted her husband gone. Margaux turns to leave. Sonny says her mother conspired to kill her father and he has the proof.