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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Break Into Ferncliff for Carly on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

Spencer and Laura are nostalgic on Nikolas' birthday. Both claim how much they miss him. (Me too, Spencer, me too!). Talk turns to the election shenanigans. Spencer innocently questions Laura about the consequences of election tampering. Laura says it destroys democracy and is sad she saw it happen.

Laura mentions Kevin. Spencer admits he heard her tell Lulu they are separated. Spencer reassures Laura she can stand alone.

Brad tells Britt the baby is actually Michael's son and explains the story of Nelle. Brad feels guilty every time he's around Michael and worries what Sonny will do if he finds out. Britt says the baby is meant to be his because violence surrounds the Corinthos family. She says it's Brad's job to keep the baby safe and out of harm's way.

As Brad's leaving, he spots Spencer and brings him to Britt's room for a reunion.

Bobbie runs into Michael and tells him she found something at Lucas' that worries her. Apparently, Michael gave them all of Jonah's things after he died. Amongst those things, Bobbie found a silver spoon. She asks if Michael meant to give that away as well.

Michael says he didn't realize it was in the box he gave Lucas and is happy to have it back. He says he's learning to deal with his loss and tells Bobbie about the support group.

Nina gives Maxie shoes as a birthday present. She asks about her first Halloween with James. When Maxie shows her photos, Nina notices that Peter is in them as well. Maxie swears she and Peter are only friends. Maxie asks about Nina's night. She admits to spending it at Wyndemere, but swears she spent the night alone.

Peter and Lulu discuss the various news items currently keeping them busy, namely Mary Pat's murder and the election tampering. Peter says it will push the Ryan story back. Lulu is fine with that since she's worried the earlier articles may have inspired Mary Pat's murder. Peter says the Invader is endorsing Laura for mayor. Lulu mentions doing an article on Britt's release, but Peter says he wants it kept quiet.

Ryan's checking on the patient in room 22 at Ferncliff. Nurse Jane tells him that she's installed new security measures and she's the only one with access codes.

Carly has changed her mind about Jason investigating Ferncliff for fear of him getting into danger or in trouble with the DA. Jason has hired Sam and Curtis to go in undercover to get answers. Carly agrees to the plan.

Laura confronts "Kevin" and says there is a third person in their marriage. "Kevin" denies having an affair, but she says she means Ryan. She believes the recent publicity has affected "Kevin" and he should talk to a professional about it. Ryan disagrees.

Nurse Jane finds Curtis wandering around Ferncliff. He claims to be a security expert and tells her about all the breaches in their security system. He says he's there to identify issues and fix them. Nurse Jane gives him access to the security information.

Jason and Sam break into room 22.