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Perkie's Observations: The PCPD Turns to Franco on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth

Jason and Sam open the door to room 22 and find, duh, duh, duh, Nelle! Nelle's pretending to be crazy so she can hang out at Ferncliff instead of being in Pentonville. Nelle rants and raves about how Carly got herself sent to Ferncliff, then released.

Curtis tells Nurse Jane about the various security breaches. The two find JaSam in Nelle's room. Jason wants to know who authorized Nelle's stay at Ferncliff. Nelle presents herself sanely, so Nurse Jane knows she doesn't belong.

Sonny and Margaux are on a road trip to expose the truth about her mother. Sonny claims to be worried that the truth will break Margaux's heart, but she's determined. Sonny's wearing a wire when he confronts Jeanette.

Margaux listens from the car as Jeanette denies Sonny's accusations she was having an affair with Scully. Sonny says she ordered the hit on her husband and he has proof. Sonny tells her she should never have put anything in writing. Jeanette realizes he's talking about her letters.

Jeanette checks the desk and finds her letters. She decides she's going to burn them. Margaux walks in, ready to stop her.

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Oscar's still not talking to Kim. She tells Julian she'll go to Joss to see if she can help. Daisy and Kristina make small talk until Oscar gets a bad headache. Julian wants to call 911, but Oscar refuses to go to the hospital. Daisy offers to massage his temples, which makes him feel better.

Cam and Joss hang out doing their homework while being cute together. Kim shows up to talk to Joss, but Carly's concerned. Carly says Joss is trying to move past her breakup and doesn't want things dredged up again.

Cam and Joss come into the room. Kim sees them friendly with each other. She says she wants to talk to Joss, but before she gets the chance Julian calls her to tell her about Oscar.

Jordan and Chase stop by Liz's to get Franco's insight about the murder. Franco tells them killing was about power and competition for Jason. He says they're looking for someone charming, and who is an egomaniac who enjoys killing. Franco says this person won't stop until the police stop him.

Jason says someone went to a lot of trouble to move the patient in room 22 once they knew Carly was interested in finding out what was happening at Ferncliff.

Chase and Jordan show up at Carly's to bring her in for questioning. Chase says DNA evidence was found on Mary Pat's body that matches Carly.