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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Has Disappointing News for Ava on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Margaux declares they came for the truth and accuses her mother of conspiring to kill her father. Jeanette says the marriage was not good, and then Joe happened. She admits she asked Joe to get rid of Vincent because she wanted him dead. Sonny shows her he's wearing a wire.

Carly's down at the station and refuses to talk without her attorney. Diane arrives and Jordan explains that Mary Pat was clutching some of Carly's hair in her hand. Carly and Diane rant and rave until Jordan admits she doesn't believe Carly killed Mary Pat. Jordan however, points out that Sonny has the means and motive to do it.

Carly points out that the body was found at the gallery and questions why isn't Ava a suspect. Jordan says Ava has no motive, but Carly says Ava's motive would be to set up Carly. Jordan promises to look into Ava, but warns Carly not to leave town.

Liz continues to worry about Aiden and how he's becoming more withdrawn at school. She thinks she needs to talk to Kevin about him. Franco wants to try to talk to Aiden through his art therapy.

Sasha admits to Nina that she's having trouble finding a job (you know, in the five minutes that she's been looking). Nina offers again to have her work at Crimson and this time, Sasha accepts. Nina tells her again to stay away from Ava because she's dangerous and hurts people.

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Kiki and Griffin hang out while waiting to hear back from the review board about his reinstatement. (He's been suspended for nothingness, longer than some people go to jail for murder on this show, for crying out loud.)

Ava shows up for a session with "Kevin". Ryan deliberately takes off his wedding ring and sits it on the desk. Ava notices it. Ava says she can forgive Kiki, though will never forgive Griffin. She believes Griffin will cheat on Kiki and she'll be there to pick up the pieces.

Ryan says he can't treat her anymore. Ava gets upset, but he explains he can't be objective with her.

Terry stops by to commiserate with Liz. Liz tells her about her problems with Aiden. Terry counters that Oscar is refusing the drug trial and it's getting harder for her to save him. Terry says she's failing him and feels useless.

Franco runs into Nina and is surprised when he's introduced to Sasha. Nina explains how it all came about. She and Franco congratulate each other on their new lives.

Sasha runs into a half naked Griffin at the apartment. She proceeds to flirt with him right under Kiki's nose. Kiki's not amused.

Margaux and her mother argue, then Margaux kicks Jeanette out of the house (seriously, it's her house, why don't you and the douchey mobster get out). Margaux drinks while reading her mother's letters and starts crying. When Margaux falls asleep, Sonny covers her with a blanket.