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Perkie's Observations: Sonny's World Gets Upended on General Hospital

Steve Burton, Maura West, William deVry

Steve Burton, Maura West, William deVry

It's a Wonderful Life.....Sonny Corinthos style.

Sonny remembers being 18 years old and shooting Vincent Marino. Sonny then falls asleep and dreams about what would happen if Mike had stopped him.

In the dream, Sonny is a police sergeant in the NYPD. He's married to Olivia with three kids, including Dante. The two head to Port Charles to pay Dante a visit. Dante is married to Sam and working for the Jerome family, who are running the town.

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Jason's their hit man. Alexis is the DA. Anna, the police commissioner, is permanently depressed since Robin died of AIDS. Apparently, if Sonny doesn't join the mob, then the HIV cocktail doesn't get invented.

Sonny runs into Carly, who's married to A.J. The show takes several shots at his character. (I don't believe for a minute that Carly would have stayed married to A.J. after all these years if Sonny's life had been different. Nice try, show.)

Jordan is working for the DEA. Dante works undercover for her to take down the Jeromes in order to take over the business. Sonny is not happy with Dante's life choices. Dante needs to cover his tracks and decides to get rid of Jason.

Sonny gets there and the two fight over the gun. Sonny shoots Dante in the chest. Sonny dreams he goes back to that spot in time and makes the decision to kill Marino anyway.