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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad FINALLY Owns His Inner DiMera

Chad DiMera, Stefan DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn, Tyler Christopher

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap! We begin our day in Salem in Horton Square with Brady returning from Target with a gift for Holly that he purchased while getting a housewarming gift for Paul - Target is like that. You go there to get one thing and leave with all of your gifts for Salem's finest. Eric is having none of Brady and reminds him . . . again . . . that he is the reason that Nicole is dead and he is miserable. This tune has played so many times that I'm starting to switch my allegiance to #TeamBrady. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah enters the living room to all sorts of balloons and flowers and such . . . Maggie will be pissed that her living room is a mess. Rex enters and gets down on one knee to re-propose to her and ask to he be forgiven his many carnal misdeeds. Sarah not only says "NO", but wants to know how many times Rex dipped his wick while in their relationship . . . Rex can't even know how many times it happened, nor can he bothered to count . . . seriously, there are balloons and flowers! In storms Eric to tell them to keep quiet! Baby Holly is sleeping . . .and, oh, by the way, did they know that he wouldn't be watching her if Brady had not interfered and caused Nicole's "death"? Just saying . . . 

Sarah explains to brooding Eric that Rex is trying to get back in her good graces. She wants him OUT of her mother's house! Eric, of all people, tells Rex he should let it go. HAHAHAHAHA! To emphasize his point, Eric rolls up on Rex like he's gonna beat him like he stole something. 

Side Note: The only people who will get that last line are those who have seen Halle Berry in the B.A.P.S. 

Eric explains to Rex he has done a lot of counseling and is only trying to help . . . so he should just take a walk. Maybe he'll walk in Horton Square and run into Gab"i". I would be here for a Rex/Gab"i" pairing. In the meantime, Sarah and Eric begin the courting ritual by bonding over her issues with Rex and Nicole, and Holly's dirty diapers - I already like these two together. 

Side Question: Does Sarah know that Father Eric killed her "brother" Daniel? 

At the new apartment, Paul continues to question Will's commitment to their relationship . . . as he digs into Will's journal... but then he throws it down. READ IT! Damn it! Brady is at the door with his gift from Target. Do they wrap gifts at Target? Oh, now we get the truth. Aunt Maggie bought the gift. Brady asks how Paul is doing, but we quickly shift to how Brady is doing post-Nicole, and the burning building, and all of that mess. Paul is happy not to be thinking about Will and falling out that window with Kristen . . . but Paul still wonders if Will really wants to be with him. Brady is pretending not to know about the WilSon reunion while Paul goes on about his concerns. Paul says he wouldn't be where he is now if it weren't for Will - truer words. Oh Lord, Brady can't hold his tongue or his truth, and just spills every last drop of WilSon tea. Paul is perplexed as to why Will committed himself, but Brady makes it sound like he convinced Will to stay with him. Paul kicks Brady to the curb so he can ponder this new, but not surprising, information. Poor Paul. #TeamPaul.

Outside the Brady Pub, Gab"i" pulls sleeping pills and a wig out of her purse only to be confronted by young William. Gab"i" stuffs her purse in the garbage can and distracts Will by reminding him he has a daughter who has been asking about him. Will is so annoyed about getting Paul take out and moving into their new apartment, that he doesn't really take notice of the mention of his daughter. Gab"i" says she thought he would be with Sonny after he got his memory back. Will did too. 

Side Note: Does anyone else miss Will when he didn't have his memory? I realize this version of Will is true to the character before being stranglebae's victim, but it was so nice to have a blissfully positive Will who was just giddy to be getting it on the regular from Paul . . . 

Apparently, during the commercial break, Will told Gab"i" about all of the many self-sacrificing acts he has completed to ensure his rise to martyrdom by staying with Paul when he really loves Sonny. Gab"i" is sympathizing with Will and wishing she could be a better person like Will. . .

Side Note: Does Gab"i" not remember the person Will was prior to his "death"? I don't so much remember him being a good person as I remember him being a scheming, manipulative, cheater who seemed poised to follow in the footsteps of his mother - which I didn't hate . . . just own it. But I digress yet again . . . 

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Will tries to assure Gab"i" she is a good person. Gab"i" just can't stop thinking about Abigail, all of her DID deeds, and all the mess it caused her. She wants her to feel all of that pain . . . Will gets it and is willing to admit he's not a saint AND remembers he has hurt people in the past. He is trying to get Gab"i" to fix her mistakes. Will is done talking now because Paul might be "hangry". After he leaves, Gab"i" retrieves her purse, wig ,and pills from the garbage can, and considers telling everyone about her conniving, scheming ways . . . 

At the Horton cabin, Abigail is talking to her very clean newborn and telling her how much she looks like her kidnapping ex-husband. She realizes the baby needs a name because Abs is smart. She names the baby while we were in other segments, but doesn't tell us exactly why she's now called Charlotte! That's the wee babe's name. Chad reminds us the name is after Charlotte Bronte, Abigail's favorite author. Abs says he is very kind when he's not kidnapping her. Chad explains everything he's done is because he loves her. He needs to tell her something, but there is a knock at the door , which probably is going to derail everything. The paramedics show up to take Abigail to the hospital. The baby is in good shape. Just as it appears she is being taken to the hospital, Stefan shows up. Chad does everything but break into a verse of "Everything I do. I do it for you." The paramedics give baby Charlotte to Chad as he explains how he made a deal with Stefan to commit Abigail. Stefan tries to explain that he's not to blame. Chad very calmly says he wants her to get better and did what he had to do. 

Meanwhile in the woods, Chad calls Stefan with a proposition. Chad wants to raise the baby as his own, but Stefan is having none of it. He threatens to kill him if any harm comes to his baby girl.

In Alice Horton's living room, Jennifer is pissed and wants Hope to tell her where the hell her pregnant daughter is! Hope is sure that Abigail is safe with Chad . . . even though he technically kidnapped her. Hope mentions Eric and Jennifer just tells her it is done. The phone rings and Hope reports that Abs is safe. 

We begin the end of our day in Salem in Horton Square with Brady and his bag of Target gifts. He runs into Rex who wants to rehash Nicole's explosive death. Brady takes the opportunity to explain how he has lost his brother Eric and Eve. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah and Eric are talking about the future of baby Holly. Sarah tells Eric that she is going STIR CRAZY and needs to go out and hit the town. 

Meanwhile, Paul is sitting in his new apartment as Will comes back with his food. I think Paul is about to go IN on Will's lying ass. He tells Will he's moving out!

At the Salem PD, Gab"i" is talking to Hope about Abigail. Hope lets her know the baby has been born and Chad helped her deliver . . . but all is not well as Stefan had her committed. 

At Bayview, Abigail has been drugged and tied down. Jennifer is there to make sure her baby is okay. 

Over at the DiMera mansion, Chad is talking with Stefan while holding baby Charlotte. Stefan thinks he did the right thing, but is surprised by the name "Charlotte". Stefan wants to hold his daughter and Chad hands her over . . . reluctantly. 

That ends our day in Salem! What did you think? Were you surprised by any of today's events? Sound off in the comments!

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