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Perkie's Observations: Laura Comforts Liz About Motherhood on General Hospital

Genie Francis, Rebecca Herbst

Genie Francis, Rebecca Herbst

Ms. Tait's class is having career day. The speakers include reporter Lulu, CEO Michael, social worker Stella, detective Chase with his police dog Thor, and doctor Finn.

Finn talks to Anna beforehand because he's worried about his presentation skills to the kids. Finn shows up late to the class. Lulu, Stella, Michael and Chase all make interesting speeches. Finn botches his, which causes Charlotte to be super rude to him.

Aiden's taking his sweet time getting ready for school. He purposely misses the bus because he doesn't want to go. Liz loses her patience and tears him a new one before sending him off.

Curtis asks Nina for an RSVP to the wedding. She's still waiting for an answer from Peter (Remember three weeks ago when she asked Peter to be her plus one?) Curtis then asks if she'll stand up for him since Drew backed out. Nina accepts.

Nina tells Curtis about Sasha sticking around and explains she gave her a job. Curtis is surprised, but worried that things may be moving too fast.

Valentin confronts Sasha again about staying in town. Sasha tells him not to worry since no one knows the truth. Laura arrives and meets Sasha.

Maxie asks Peter about going to the wedding with Nina. Laura stops by to thank Peter for endorsing her for mayor.

Scott gets chewed out by Liz at the hospital. He heads over to the house to ask Franco why. He also wants to know why Franco won't turn to his father for help. Franco says Aiden's personality has changed. Scott says sometimes kids go through phases and it will run its course. 

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Franco wants to help Aiden because it will show Liz that he's a good parent. Scott says not to pressure the child. That will help Aiden open up to him.

Laura runs into an upset Liz at work. Liz says she's feels like she's failing as a mother and that something is wrong with Aiden. Liz tells her how she snapped at him. Laura reassures her she's a good mother who had a bad morning. Liz says she wants Aiden to talk to Kevin. Laura thinks maybe he needs to talk to Lucky. (You remember Lucky, the guy who preferred sitting in cemeteries and dealing with his dark side rather than parenting his children.)

Liz feels Lucky getting involved would do more harm than good. Later, Liz has her phone out ready to call him. Then, she gets a call from Willow to come back in and discuss Aiden.

Anna tells Peter she appreciates his discretion in keeping Britt out of the Invader, but the gag has been lifted. She says he's free to report what he wants. Anna mentions that Britt is in hospital, which surprises Peter until he realizes it's a ruse to get Liesl.

Peter doesn't like being used without warning. Anna counters he'd rather not spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, so the less he knows, the better. Peter compares her to Valentin, which does not sit well with Anna. Peter says Valentin is trying to make amends and mentions the reunion between Nina and Sasha.

Anna confronts Valentin, who claims everything is on the up and up with Sasha. He says he's working on winning Peter back. Anna warns him to stay away from her son.

Chase asks Willow for her contact info, then asks her out on a date. She claims she's too busy, but in the end, gives him her information.

Valentin wants to talk to Nina about the night she spent at Wyndemere. Peter and Maxie interrupt. Peter tells Nina that he's accepting her invitation to the wedding. Valentin does not look amused.

Finn's complaining to Anna about the presentation when Curtis finds him. Curtis says he has a letter from Hayden.