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Perkie's Observations: Carly Is Off the Hook on General Hospital

Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Curtis explains he received a letter from Hayden with a note for Finn. Finn tells Anna that Hayden was unpredictable and had secrets. He assures Anna his life is full and there's nothing missing. Anna says she's not threatened and to go ahead and read the note.

Finn reads the note aloud, but when he stops, Anna wonders what he kept from her. Anna reads the note, which says Hayden wants Finn to meet her in Rome because they have unfinished business. Finn has no idea what that would be.

Margaux runs into Drew and relates the story that she won't be able to get Sonny. Again . . .  she dangles the flash drive in front of Drew and he refuses it.

Franco talks to Ryan about his meeting with Jordan. He admits they wanted to pick his brain as a killer. Franco says he understands the killer's mind and could put this guy away for good. Ryan warns Franco not to go back to his dark side and to let the authorities deal with it. He tells Franco not to jeopardize the life he's built.

Liz meets with Willow about Aiden's behavior. Willow says Aiden is being bullied and apologizes for missing the signs. She says the abuse is verbal, not physical.

Carly and Sonny head back to the station for another talk with Jordan. Jordan says Carly's alibi was confirmed and she's no longer a person of interest. Carly wants to know who's trying to set her up. Jordan warns them to tighten their security and promises they'll catch the killer.

Ryan arrives at the station for his chat. Carly tells him someone is trying to frame her, but Ryan doesn't understand why. Sonny warns that whoever is responsible will pay. Carly mentions the guy at Ferncliff is no longer in the room next door. She questions why Nelle was there. 

Drew and Curtis talk about the wedding. Drew offers Curtis a honeymoon to Fiji, on him. Curtis appreciates it, but says Jordan may not have time to have one. Drew says the invitation is open ended.

Franco shows up at the school and gets angry when he finds out Aiden is being bullied. He wants the bully punished. Willow feels that kind of attention will make things worse for Aiden. Liz asks what they can do. Willow tells them to encourage Aiden to talk and let him feel empowered. Willow says she'll try to diffuse things with the bully and feels everyone needs a second chance. Franco promises Liz they'll deal with this together. Willow calls Lulu for an interview about Charlotte. 

Ryan discusses the case with Jordan. She says the killer planted the hair to misdirect them. Ryan says the killer has superior intelligence and he will kill again. Jordan's happy she can take advantage of his expertise. Ryan insists it's crucial he be kept up to date.

Carly runs into Margaux and takes the opportunity to lay into her. She warns Margaux to back off their family. Margaux reminds Carly that it's her job to prosecute criminals.

Carly gets angry with Sonny for almost defending Margaux. Sonny says he feels badly for Margaux losing her father. Carly storms off. Sonny shows up at Margaux's door to talk.