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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Tries to Convince Margaux to Back Off on General Hospital

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Maurice Benard

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Maurice Benard

Valentin gets the call from Willow to come and discuss Charlotte. Nina overhears and heads to the school. She arrives after Valentin and Lulu. She insists on being in the meeting because she's Charlotte's stepmother.

Willow explains Charlotte's troubling behavior. Nina claims the child is simply assertive, but Willow says Charlotte is a bully and it's unacceptable. Willow explains the incidents are becoming more frequent and she thinks there are no consequences.

Nina counters that Charlotte is using leadership skills, but Willow explains she's confrontational and pushes boundaries. She explains the mocking of a classmate because she doesn't like him. Valentin asks who the other child is, but Willow doesn't want to reveal their identity.

Nina proceeds to verbally attack Willow. She claims because she has no children of her own, she doesn't know how to deal with children. (Hhhhm, wonder where Charlotte got the bullying from?) Both Lulu and Valentin try to calm Nina down. Valentin is forced to tell her to leave.

Sam and Jason tell Michael about Nelle faking a breakdown so she could be taken to Ferncliff. They explain her plan is to be released from Ferncliff to come after Carly again. Later, Sam asks Jason to watch the Thanksgiving parade with her and the kids.

Liz asks Aiden if he wants her to call Lucky to come and help him deal with whatever is going on. Aiden's not in the mood to discuss any of it. Franco decides to do art therapy with him to get the details out. Aiden draws his family with him being the smallest one in the picture.

Griffin has yet another meeting about his reinstatement. Kiki tells him she's not happy with the way Sasha flirted with him and plans on setting her straight.

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Kiki confronts Sasha, accusing her of trying to steal Griffin. Sasha admits she was flirting, but only because she thought things weren't serious between them. Sasha promises that it won't happen again, but Kiki says she wants Sasha out of the apartment by tonight. Sasha accuses Kiki of not trusting Griffin.

Ryan runs into Ava and asks how things are going with Kiki. Ava's certain Kiki will be back together by the holidays. Ryan says he knows she's not sleeping at night and her spirit seems broken. Ava admits she feels wounded and alone.

Ryan offers her a new sleep medication and gives her several samples. Sasha shows up and warns Ava to leave her out of whatever scheme she's cooking. Ava pleads innocence, but Sasha says Kiki told her to move out.

Sonny wants Margaux to drop this whole thing with her father since she can't prove anything against him. He warns that her continuing to dig will make things worse for herself. Sonny says Margaux is a victim and she should leave the ugliness behind.

Margaux mentions Avery and how she would feel if someone did the same to Sonny. Sonny claims he'd want Avery to live a happy life and leave it in the past.

Michael stops by to give Willow the seeds he promised her after the career day class. They talk about needing to share their story in group.

Valentin goes to apologize to Nina. He says Charlotte needs their support and asks for Nina's help.

Ava overhears Sasha order soup for room service and when no one is looking, she drops one of Ryan's sleeping pill in the soup.