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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi and Abby Throw Down!

Camila Banus

Camila Banus

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem in Horton Square with Tripp and Claire setting tables and discussing Wyatt's "confession" to setting up Ben. Tripp is not at all sure of this silly plan that Claire Bear has concocted. Claire Bear tells Tripp to chill out because she slipped him some green to calm his nervous behind down. She reminds him he has taken chances before by making some "questionable" choices. Claire decides to play dime store psychiatrist because of her relationship to Grandma Marlena. She excuses his past misdeeds by calling them "an extreme grief ridden reaction." Really, Claire Bear? 

Side Note: If you are related to a Johnson, Horton, Black, Brady, etc. you should always be given the benefit of the doubt as to why you committed your crimes. You do not actually have to own them, as there had to be a good reason for your indiscretion. If not related to the aforementioned families, you are evil, dastardly, and must be buried UNDER STATESVILLE so as not to bring harm to the aforementioned families. It would actually annoy me more if it were not an accurate depiction of our society. 

Claire goes on to tell Tripp he was noble in his attempt to have Ben take the fall for setting the fire. Claire had better watch out . . . she is wearing a necktie. Tripp is trying to back pedal and say what he did was wrong. Really, Tripp? Claire is doing her best to blink those eyes and cutesy her way into convincing Tripp to chill out. It worked. Just then, Claire's phone buzzed indicating Wyatt gave Claire her money back faster than you could say "stranglebae".

In the park, Ciara is trying to make sure Ben didn't go all stranglebae on Wyatt. Ben confirms he is okay, but the bigger news is that Tripp is the one who set him up. Ciara doesn't want to believe it, but Ben lets her know that someone paid him off. Ciara reminds Ben that Tripp can't even make the rent much less pay off Wyatt. Ben steps in and says it was Claire. 

Ciara shows up in Horton Square to confront Tripp about framing Ben. She still doesn't really want to believe he is capable.

Claire heads into the park and runs smack into Ben. She's in a hurry, but he wants her to slow down and explain why she's been lying to him. 

At the Salem PD, Abe is all pissed because Sheila is a no-show for her first day of work. He tells Lani to convey the message that she is fired. Lani notes that Eli has also not shown up for work and heads out the door. Lani shows up at Eli's to find him in a towel and Sheila coming out of the shower. Eli really doesn't get why she's so mad. Sheila explains she ate some bad oysters, but feels better now and is off to work. Lani informs her she is fired . . . and Sheila delivers this line . . . "Well, damn. I guess I'll have to go perform some magic on him myself . . . DEUCES!" 

Side Note: Have I mentioned how much I HAVE ALL OF THE LOVE FOR SHEILA?!?!?!

At the Salem PD, Sheila tries to work her magic on Mayor Carver, but he is too through with her. He's sent for another assistant and she can go on back to the house. 

At the Horton house, Chad wants to know from Jennifer how Abigail is doing. Jennifer gives him a five fingered answer across his mug. Jennifer is beside herself that Chad kidnapped Abigail, and Chad is all about using no cell reception as an excuse. Jennifer Rose is like, "duh, everyone knows that." Jennifer Rose is not having any of this screwy DiMera foolishness. NONE. OF. IT. She throws him out and Chad is all, "whatevs".

At the mental hospital, Gab"i" has told the nursing staff she is JJ's wife. She used it to get in so she could have the big SHOWDOWN with Abigail - who is not here for it. Gab"i" doesn't get it. She's her best friend. I mean, Abby was in her wedding. Not so fast . . . Abigail reminds her that was the day Chad revealed to the world that Will was Arianna Grace's father and then Gab"i" shot Nick to death. "Glass houses, Abigail." Gab"i" and Abby are going tit for tat, death for death, to bring each other down. Gab"i" continues to be all lalalalalala, and totally doesn't get why Abby is such a miserable mess when she's in this situation. It's actually Chad who has betrayed Abby. Gab"i" is committed to this story. She can't even imagine what it would be like to be away from her child - oh, but she can. Abby wants her to let it go. 

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Side Note: I get that Gab"i" has gone way over the top in her quest for revenge against Abigail, but perhaps, "just let it go" isn't the best response to give. Trivializing Gab"i"s suffering is pretty much the motivation for Gab"i"s quest. #HortonPrivilege 

OMG, Gabriella Josephine Adrianna Hernandez is giving me LIFE! She is speaking for a component of the audience as she voices her frustration with Abigail's inability and/or unwillingness to understand her frustration - while also throwing shade about that wig not being good for her complexion. 

On the other hand, Abigail is speaking for the other half of the audience who is not here for Gab"i"s sob story and wants her to exit stage left. That's what makes a good story - warring factions of fans who both believe they are correct in their allegiance to their character. 

Gab"i" goes on to tell Abigail she's not really Charlotte's mother. She can't have it both ways. If Gabb"y" with a "y" caused all of Gab"i"s troubles, then she is the one who slept with Stefan - and is Charlotte's mother. AND THEN SHE PULLS OUT THE BLACK WIG! Abigail was right all along. Yup. Abigail wants to know if Gabi hates her that much. Yup - "with the passion of a thousand, burning, suns." BOOM. 

Now, Gabi is seething because everything goes Abigail's way while she is left to suffer. She goes on to give my favorite line so far, "You told Chad you wanted to be punished for what you did to Andre. Well, guess what? Now you are. You're welcome." LOVE. IT. Now, Gabi is just spilling every last bit of tea all over Abigail's Bayview bed while also reminding her that no one will believe the ramblings of a "crazy" person. Abigail is DONE. She launches from the bed and throttles Gabi, while reminding her that Gabb"y" may be integrated, but she's still a part of her! This is good, y'all. 

Just as Abigail is going full on Gabb"y", Chad busts through the door and pulls Abigail off Gabi and into a therapeutic hug. Gab"i" puts on her best damsel in distress act as she tells Chad that Abby attacked her when all she was trying to do was be supportive of her friend. Abigail desperately wants Chad to search Gabi's purse for the wig. It's not there. Abigail furiously goes through her things while Gabi stays calm, cool, and collected remembering that she stashed it during the therapeutic hug. 

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Lani explaining to Eli that she was trying to look our for his friend, Sheila. Eli just grins at her because he knows what's what. 

At the Salem PD, Sheila is trying to work her magic by asking for a second chance. Abe is rebuffing her by being self-righteous. Sheila is trying to tell him that Julie's damned oysters made her sick and then she hurls them all over his shoes. 

In the park, Ben is not happy because he thought Claire was on his side . . . but not if she's working for Tripp. 

In Horton Square, Tripp confirms what Ciara doesn't want to believe. He framed Ben. 

At Bayview, Gabi quickly gathers her things as Chad returns to the room. Abigail has been restrained and thrown into isolation. Gabi just doesn't understand why things can't go back to the way they were. Chad leaves and Gabi turns to camera and slyly smiles. 

We have come to the end of another day in Salem! I want to give props to Marci Miller for a great run on Days of Our Lives and to the DAYS writing team for giving her such a great exit episode. What did you all think? Sound off in the comments. 

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