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Perkie's Observations: Ava Ramps Up Her Revenge Game on General Hospital

Maura West, Matt Cohen

Maura West, Matt Cohen

The spiked soup is delivered to Sasha, who eats it and promptly passes out. Ava lets herself into the hotel room and sends a text from Sasha's phone to Griffin. When Griffin shows up in the room, Ava knocks him out and places him in bed, naked with Sasha.

Kiki complains to Franco about Sasha, and explains her flirtation with Griffin. Talk turns to Franco. Kiki commends him for how much he's changed. Franco thanks her and Liz for taming him.

Sam stops by the pub to see Kristina. Julian tries to make small talk about her being Wylie's godmother. Sam is surprised to hear that Julian and Lucas are back on talking terms. Julian offers a relationship with her, but Sam's not interested.

Jordan and Curtis discuss their wedding tomorrow and give each other gifts.

Oscar's hanging out with Monica. He explains he doesn't want to be a guinea pig in a drug trial. He wants information about what to expect from the disease. Monica tells him he'll have headaches and drowsiness. She also mentions the loss of strength and coordination. Monica says the decision is his and she'll stand by him.

Kim tells Drew she will refuse to accept any ruling the court makes. Drew thinks they should honor Oscar's wishes. Kim says there is a doctor in a Brazil with a new treatment, and she wants to force Oscar to go. Drew disagrees, saying it could make things worse, but Kim insists they do this.

Kiki runs into Michael and the two talk about old times. Kiki says she now feels like she has a purpose. Michael wishes her all the happiness. ('The something is going to happen to Kiki' anvils were falling hard today.)

Mike and Stella are together at Kelly's when a man from Stella's past runs into them. Marcus says he's in town because his wife is receiving treatment there. Mike has Michael come to drive him home to allow Marcus and Stella a chance to catch up.

Kim goes to Julian and asks for all of his resources to get her fake passports. She tells him she wants to kidnap Oscar and take him to Brazil for treatment. Julian tries to talk her out of it, but Kim says only he can help, so Julian agrees.

Ava heads to the hospital and tells Franco she saw Griffin at Sasha's room. She lays it on thick that Griffin will hurt Kiki, but that she won't listen to her mother. Ava thinks Kiki needs to see it for herself.

Franco finds Kiki and tells her. Kiki heads to the hotel to confront Sasha and Griffin.