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Days of Our Lives Recap: Paul Says "Deuces" to Will and Salem

Christopher Sean

Christopher Sean

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem at the Salem PD with Sheila's bad oysters all over Mayor Carver's shoes. Abe brings Sheila the shoes and directs her to take them to be cleaned, and get his other shoes. On the way out, she runs into Valerie, who has come to see her boyfriend. She's got good news! She's been offered a Chief of Staff job in Washington D.C., and she wants Abe to come with her. Ummm, Valerie, he is the mayor. Valerie is all positive about a long distance relationship, but Abe says nope. Valerie tries to explain what an opportunity it is for her to be Chief of Staff - since we all know is won't happen in Salem because she has the wrong last name. Abe, in typical male form, says that the opportunity must be more important than him. Sweet Lord . . . 

Valerie gives him the business because he is making her choose between her career and him. Abe doesn't get it, but was doing that exact thing when he was reminding her his job is important. Valerie says "to hell with that" and exits . . . enter Sheila who wants to know if Abe wants to talk about it. He fills her in. Sheila is in Abe's corner about the long distance thing, but totally gets why Val wants to take the Chief of Staff gig. She's happy for her . . . Abe stumbles over his words and Sheila deduces he is too "damn selfish to be happy for her."

At Paul and Will's apartment, Brady has come over to chat about Will. Paul lets him know that he set him free. Paul thought he found his soul mate, but not so much. #TeamPaul. Brady does Brady and talks about all of his issues with relationships. Sweet Paul hopes he finds love again, and hopes Will and Sonny find happiness. Paul has more news . . . he has decided to leave Salem. 

In front of the Brady Pub, Will keeps leaving messages for Sonny that actually provide no detail, but with the clear assumption he will call him back pronto. 

At University Hospital, Marlena is fixing her face in preparation of going back to the penthouse with her beloved. Will walks in as John is expressing his love for his mewing Doc. They want to stop by Paul and Will's new place to check out the new digs . . . awkward. John exits and Will tells Grandma Marlena he feels bad. Poor Will . . . not. Marlena hates that Paul is hurt, but thinks Will belongs with Sonny. Really? Just like that?

Will continues by explaining to Marlena that Adrienne told him that Sonny needed more than a staycation. He took the Titan jet to parts unknown. He asked Victor for the flight plan, but he doesn't really like Will and called him a "pathetic waffler". True words, Uncle Vic. 

Will wants to know if he should check in on Paul. Marlena wisely tells him to step back. Will wants to be friends with him. Really? Just then, the phone rings . . . it's Adrienne. 

Back at Paul's apartment, John shows up to get the scoop. Brady informs John that Paul is thinking about leaving. Paul says it's a done deal because he wants to move back to San Francisco to hang with Momma Narita - who has investigated an experimental program that might help him walk again. 

Side Note: I was kind of hoping Paul would go to South Africa to engage in "treatment" with Theo. 

John is happy for him, but will miss him terribly. Paul will miss everyone, but wants to get back on his feet - in more ways than one. The Black men check out Momma Narita's treatment discovery online. Brady seems a little irked that John isn't trying to convince Paul to stay. John uses very small and deliberate words to explain to Brady that sometimes it is better not to be selfish. Brady says he understands (I'm not convinced) and says he's going to miss his baby brother.

A knock on the door interrupts the love fest. It's Luke . . . Paul's new physical therapist. Damn. Momma Narita arranged for Luke to come to Salem. He's there to help escort Paul back to his treatment facility in San Francisco. He knows who Paul is from his baseball days . . . and because Paul's coming out story (which Will wrote) gave him the courage to come out as well. What I wouldn't give to have Will present in this scene to see Luke in all of his Lukeness pick up Paul. 

As Luke is gathering Paul's things, Brady, not so slyly, asks if all this travel is tough on his partner. Luke isn't seeing anyone right now . . . Brady shoots Paul the goofy "dude" look to acknowledge that something might happen. They exit and Paul tells John he is so sorry to leave him in the lurch with Black Patch. More importantly, he's going to miss his daddy. He grew up thinking his daddy was dead - damn you, Tori Narita! Then, he met John and he "surpassed every expectation he ever had about being a father." John tells Paul how proud he is of him and that he loves him. 

Side Note: I am crying. That is all. 

In the park, Ben doesn't like being played by Claire, while she isn't blinking in the face of the former killer. Ben goes on to let Claire know he knows what she did. Claire explains she knew Tripp set him up and she was only trying to win points with him. Ben just wants to go see Sheila at the Salem PD and turn Tripp in. 

Side Note: I have to believe that this revelation is going to lead to the #WinterOfCin or #Cinter . . . you catch my drift. 

Claire is all like Tripp will get into trouble because he has priors and, um, she could get in trouble, too . . . and, she thought they were friends! Now, Claire wants the deets. How did Ben know? He explains he saw them conspiring at the café, followed Wyatt to the park, and "convinced him" to talk, oh, and he's already told Ciara.

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Claire reasons this turn of events is good news as Ciara will be mad at Tripp! Ben is the steady voice of reason as he reminds Claire that Ciara will also be mad at her for her role in this foolishness. Claire isn't concerned as she is used to Ciara hating her. She's just tickled that Tripp will turn to her for comfort when Ciara tosses him aside. Ben smiles, but tells her their little alliance is done now because he doesn't trust her - which tickles Claire. She agrees they can dissolve their partnership, but he can't tell anyone anything about how they worked together. 

Side Note: It amuses me that Claire isn't at all scared of Ben and finds all of these events somewhat comical as they are working together to support her master plan. It also tickles me that Ben is somewhat frustrated, but also somewhat intrigued by Claire. He's still willing to play her game if it means #CinterIsComing . . . I know. That was bad. I'm trying too hard. 

Over in Horton Square, Ciara is coming to terms with Tripp's betrayal. Tripp says he knew Ben was guilty and did what he had to do. Tripp doubles down by saying his only regret is his plan didn't work. Tripp goes on to explain that people who kill other people are not capable of change and you always have to be suspicious of them . . . I'm thinking that Tripp needs to be careful as he throws stones in this very delicate glass house. Ciara is not having it as he broke the law and got her momma in trouble. Tripp is all good because Wyatt has taken the blame and has been well compensated . . . probably not your best argument, blondie. 

Side Note: How in the almighty hell did Tripp know how to extract a fingerprint from one object and place it on another? 

Ciara points out it's Tripp, not Ben, who is still the same person. Hasn't he learned his lesson since he tried to frame Aunt Kayla?! THANK YOU! Oh, and she wants to know how he would know how to transfer a fingerprint. THANK YOU! It was Steve! Ciara really wants to know how involved Claire has been in this framing business. Tripp doesn't throw Claire under the bus and explains she just recently figured it out.

Tripp keeps babbling on about doing all of this for Ciara. She is not having it and replies that he was doing it for himself . . . and then Ciara goes there reminding Tripp he knew what he did when they had sex for the first time. Hmmmm, now who is manipulative? Tripp is done as he is realizing she wouldn't have chosen him to "make love with" if Ben had been an option. 

Side Note: Please tell me what early twentysomething says, "MAKE LOVE" . . . although, it does make me giggle every time one of them has to utter those words. Can you imagine them rehearsing their lines and being like, what is this "make love" business? Who says that? I know, right? 

Tripp asks Ciara to look him in the eyes and tell him that she doesn't have feelings for Ben. She can't. He's done, and walks away. 

Side Note: I really wish Ciara had been the one to walk away from Tripp. 

The end of our day in Salem begins at the Salem PD with Abe and Sheila going back and forth about Valerie. This interaction is the first real conversation for these two. I'm here for it. Sheila tells him it sounds selfish to her that he wants her to stay here and keep his sorry ass warm at night with no ring - sounds selfish to her - great lines. Abe sends her to answer phones. 

At University Hospital, Will reports to Marlena that Adrienne has no news about Sonny. Grandma Marlena is certain that Will and Sonny will have the same happy ending that she and John did. 

At Paul's apartment (I wonder who will get that apartment next?), daddy and son are saying their final goodbyes . . . for now. When did Brady and Luke get back? Paul says he is leaving Salem a better man than when he arrived. Everybody walks out, Paul looks around, reflects, and exits the apartment. 

In Horton Square, Claire returns and fills Tripp in about her dealings with Ben. Then, he fills her in on his breakup with Ciara. Tripp exits. Claire smiles. 

Back in the park, Ciara almost walks past Ben in her haste to get away from Tripp. She doesn't want to talk about it . . . especially not with him. 

That's it! We've come to the end of another day in Salem. We have to say another goodbye. Christopher Sean played his last scenes in Salem today. What an unexpectedly amazing character. I hope he returns to our Salem screens soon! 

What did you think of today's episode? Sound off in the comments. 

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