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Perkie's Observations: Jordan and Curtis Have an Escape Room Party on General Hospital


Kiki opens the hotel room door and sees Griffin and Sasha in bed together. Griffin comes to, confused as to why he's there. Once he realizes what's going on, he swears up and down it's not what it looks like, but Kiki runs out.

Griffin chases after her and tries to show her the text he got from Sasha, but it's been deleted. Kiki accuses him of cheating on her, just like he cheated on Ava. Griffin shows her the lump on the back of his head and says someone is trying to set them up.

The two head back to the room where Sasha is now awake. Griffin checks her out and says she's been drugged. Kiki says she knows who did it.

Jordan and Curtis' family and friends set up an escape room for their bachelor/bachelorette party. The group decide to divide in two and see who can escape the room first. Jordan's group consists of Molly, Alexis, Lulu, Maxie, Anna and Valerie in a Cassadine-based room. Curtis' group consisted of TJ, Chase, Finn, Nina, Sam and late-comer Peter in a serial killer based room.

Both groups try to leave at one point, but find the door locked. They realize they need to win the game in order to be released. Both rooms manage to escape at the same time.

Laura tells "Kevin" she'll be releasing a statement about their separation in a mayoral press conference, and he'll likely be asked questions. Laura notices he isn't wearing his wedding ring.

She reminds him they aren't divorced yet and can't believe he's moved on. Laura wonders why he's so quick to let go. Ryan says he's not the same man he was when she left for France.

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Carly calls Spinelli to get him to find out the name of the person who was in the room beside her. She spots Ava hanging out drinking, and questions why she's in the hotel. Ava says things are going her way and she's celebrating. Carly kicks her out.

Laura runs into Carly and breaks down, telling her that her marriage is falling apart. Laura says she didn't realize they were drifting apart. Carly says she's noticed something off with "Kevin". He snapped at her when she asked about the patient at Ferncliff.

Laura asks why it's so important for Carly to know the identity of the person. Carly feels he shouldn't have been there and she won't give up until she knows the truth.

Ryan finds Ava looking happy. She says things are finally going her way and is certain Kiki will come running to her. Kiki does come running, but it's to accuse Ava of knocking out Griffin and drugging Sasha.

Ava tries to deny it at first, but Kiki insists she knows the truth. She accuses Ava of using people for leverage and as a weapon. Ava says she did it to protect Kiki because Griffin will hurt her.

Kiki says Ava has always competed with her, was always was jealous of her, and doesn't know how to be a mom. Kiki says if Griffin and Sasha press charges, she'll back them up.

Lulu and Maxie talk about Ryan and how he used to use the alias Todd Wilson.

Ryan gets a call from Ferncliff because his patient is agitated. He orders them to up the dosage of medication for Mr. Wilson.

Carly gets a call from Spinelli that the patient's last name is Wilson.