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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Defends Ava Against Nina on General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom, Maura West

Jon Lindstrom, Maura West

It's Thanksgiving Day in Port Charles . . .

Jason stops by Sam's to watch the parade with Danny only to find her sick on the couch. Later, Jason puts Sam to bed and stays with her just because she asks him to.

Cam and Joss hang out. They make hand turkeys for Avery. Joss says Cam has been a good friend to her and admits she had a crush on him when they were young. The two share a kiss. Cam immediately apologizes. Joss, however, is fine with the kiss and thinks they should see where this will go.

Oscar meets with Alexis, who says he should be spending time with his family on this holiday. Oscar doesn't want to deal with everyone. Alexis says she understands his parents' point of view. She says she would also fight for her own children.

Sonny stops by the bar to ask Kristina to go to the parade with him and Avery. Kristina says she has plans, just as Daisy arrives. The two are planning to help feed the homeless at the shelter.

Laura shows "Kevin" a copy of the statement she wants to release, but he's not happy with the implication they are working on their marriage. Laura insists she wants the truth, but Ryan refuses to talk and leaves.

Sasha tells Nina what happened the night before with Griffin. Nina heads off to find Ava.

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Spencer stops by Wyndemere to throw his weight around with Valentin. Spencer says once Laura becomes mayor, she'll get rid of him. Valentin mentions that Spencer made comments to Charlotte about the election and asks if Spencer tampered with it.

Ava gets passports from one of her minions, telling him that she's taking Avery and leaving PC for good. She calls Joss to make sure Avery is ready to be picked up for the holiday.

Nina shows up at the gallery accusing Ava of drugging Sasha. She accuses Ava of assault and not learning her lesson from Morgan. Ryan arrives as Ava reminds Nina that she stole her baby. Nina claims she was having a mental break, but Ava keeps pulling the same crap.

The two start to physically fight and Ryan comes between them to break them up. Nina says she'll let the police deal with it and storms out. Ryan promises he won't let anything bad happen to Ava. Ava says she needs to leave town, but Ryan claims there is no evidence of wrong doing.

Sasha stops by Wyndemere as Spencer is leaving. She tells Valentin about being drugged. Sasha thinks she might be better off leaving PC. Nina arrives as Valentin is giving Sasha money. He claims Sasha wants to buy something for Charlotte.

Sonny runs into Laura and tells her she has his vote for mayor. He says he won't be contributing any money because of the optics. Laura mentions that Ava endorsed her, but she's going to give her the money back.

Cameron tells Joss that Oscar is sick and it's serious. Joss realizes it's the reason why Oscar broke up with her. Joss is angry she repeatedly asked him what was going on with Oscar. Cam says Oscar ordered him not to say anything and didn't know what he was supposed to do. Joss storms out.

Joss goes to the pub to see Oscar.

Ryan tells Ava not to let anyone run her out of town because people will miss her. Ava says there is nothing for her here because she has no one. Ryan says she has him and he feels they are kindred spirits. Ava claims he's a good friend. The two kiss as Laura arrives.