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Perkie's Observations: Laura Shreds Ryan and Ava on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Maura West, Jon Lindstrom

Genie Francis, Maura West, Jon Lindstrom

Port Charles continues with Thanksgiving celebrations and starts Jordan and Curtis' wedding.

Anna gives Jordan her bracelet as something borrowed. Molly gives her earrings as something blue. Maxie and Lulu's miscommunication results in them both giving her something new. Even though no one has something old, Jordan's not worried about any superstition.

Nina and TJ offer Curtis marital advice. Finn tells Alexis about the letter from Hayden. TJ and Jordan share a moment.

Ned's not happy that Olivia invited Julian to the Quartermaine's Thanksgiving dinner. Olivia says she did it for Leo because they need to coexist with Julian.

Kim asks Julian if he's made the arrangements to get Oscar out of the country. Julian wants her to reconsider, but Kim feels this is the only thing she can do. Drew overhears and tells Julian to stay away from Oscar. Kim is not happy when Julian says he had no intention of kidnapping Oscar. Drew doesn't want them to force Oscar to do anything he doesn't want to do.

Joss asks Oscar for the truth about his health. Oscar gets upset that Cam told her. He adds he wanted Joss to move on. Joss wants to help him fight this, but Oscar says he only has a year to live. Oscar tells her about the drug trial, but that he won't do it. Oscar says he wants to live on his terms. Joss promises to be there for him.

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Laura's angry to find Ryan and Ava kissing. Ava denies any relationship, but Laura's not interested. Ryan tells Laura their marriage is over. Laura gets upset and rips into him. She says it's bad enough he was seeing someone when she was caring for Spencer, but for it's worse for him to be with a woman who sold out her son. She wonders if he even knows what a betrayal that is to her.

She turns to Ava and accuses her of being an expert on betrayal. Ryan just stares blankly at her and she admits she sees nothing in his eyes anymore. She gets the check Ava wrote for her campaign and tears it up before storming off.

Ava and Ryan discuss the kiss and share another one. Ryan says he wants to spend as much time as possible with Ava. Ava mentions the problems she's still having with Kiki.

The Corinthos family gather together. Brad is uncomfortable when Michael and Wylie hang out. Sonny offers a toast.

Michael heads to the mansion in time to sing the Quartermaine Thanksgiving song. Oscar shows up as well

The wedding ceremony begins with TJ walking Jordan down the aisle. Stella shows up at the church.

Griffin leaves Kiki alone and heads to the wedding on his own. Ryan shows up at Kiki's door.