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Days of Our Lives Recap: Leo Pumps Life Into WilSon AND a CIN-full Kiss

Robert Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal

Robert Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin our day in Salem outside the Brady Pub with Ben picking up the keys to Ciara's motorcycle. Before he can leave, Ciara asks him to stay. Ben asks if she is upset about Tripp, but Ciara says she doesn't want to talk about that . . . but then launches into how she can't believe he tried to set Tripp up. Really, Ciara? She says she didn't want to get him in trouble, oddly, neither did Ben. He explains that Claire was the voice of reason that talked him down. Ciara seems skeptical. Ben goes on to explain that she's all about helping Tripp, but helped him realize he didn't want to get revenge - he's not his father. 

Ciara is pissed that Tripp planted that evidence because it caused her to doubt Ben . . . and jump into bed with Tripp. Ben looks at Ciara like a little lost puppy and wonders aloud if she would have never slept with Tripp if it hadn't been for the lifted fingerprint on the can of accelerant. Ciara goes on to explain that Tripp was jealous of Ben which was silly . . . was it, Ciara? Ben calls her on it and asks her if she slept with him because she loved him . . . or because he was the "safe choice." BOOM. 

Ciara's feelings are cloudy after all of this business. Ben straight up tells her that she knows how he feels and maybe now, she can be honest about her feelings . . . for him. Stranglebae SWOON! Ciara hesitantly tells him she might feel more than friendship, but she just doesn't know why she committed to Tripp. Oh yes, Ben just called Tripp "boring" . . . er, um, "normal". Ciara kind of laughs and calls him "solid". She goes on to say he's from a respected family and everyone was warning her about Ben, and she wanted to run, but . . . AND. THEN. BEN. TAKES. A. STEP. FORWARD. AND. CARESSES. HER. FACE. 

At University Hospital, Kayla just called Gabi. She flashes back to her conversation with JJ regarding Abigail's claims about being drugged. Just then, Stefan pops up like a DiMera-in-the-box bugging Kayla about letting Jennifer Rose into his daughter's room. Kayla is not having any of his nonsense after he had Steve arrested. 

Kayla storms into her office with Stefan hot on her heels. They continue talking about Steve and his remote controlled bionic eye. Giggle. Kayla is just beside herself with anger because Stefan turned the joy of Steve's sight into a weapon. She feels sorry for little Charlotte because she has Stefan for a father. Oh, Kayla. How long have you lived in Salem? How many times have paternity results been switched? 

Stefan calls his security team and tells Kayla they are investigating who set Steve up. Is it possible that it wasn't Stefan? That would be interesting. Kayla is skeptical. Stefan insists he's not a monster. Kayla reminds him that he "forced" her to spy on Kate. Stefan blames the grief he was feeling over the "death" of his mother. Oh, Vivian, how I miss you! Kayla scoffs and Stefan warns her to stand down because he loved his momma. Kayla doesn't feel sorry for his DiMera ass, but thinks Momma Viv would be very proud of him. 

At the Salem Inn, Kate is talking Chad down off the ledge about what he did to Abigail . . . afterwards, Kate has to pour a drink. Alas, somebody's knocking at the door, so she jingles over to find Roman. 

Side Note: Did anybody else hear that ringing that happened every time Kate took a step? I thought the Salvation Army had come a-callin for a donation. 

Roman also wants a drink and they are gonna toast over Rex's ridiculous missteps with Meems. Roman reveals his real reason for calling on Kate - it's time to bring down Stefan DiMera. Kate reminds Roman that Stefan is dangerous, but he just wants to bring "that bastard" down. He wants the dirt Kate has on Stefan. 

Side Note: Does anyone else love when Roman calls Kate, "Katie"? It makes me swoon a bit and remember when they were so happy and got married . . . just before Marlena killed him at their wedding. Oh yes, it happened. 

Kate spills the tea and tells Roman that Stefan helped her get rid of Ted. Roman wants to know why she needed to get rid of Ted - because he was blackmailing her. She decides to spill some weaker tea instead by telling Roman that she and Ted were in cahoots with Leo to frame Sonny for sexual harassment. She goes on to explain they were romantically involved and Ted was quite persistent. Roman, strangely, seems to understand how Kate could fall for Ted. Really, Roman? Have you met Kate? Roman, then, lists ALL of Kate's questionable choices in men. That was kind of awesome. Kate mentions she has always liked the bad boys, but Roman was an exception to that rule. 

Outside Doug's Place, somebody comes up behind Fancy Face! She turns and knocks the every loving shit out of them. It's Ted! Hope tells Ted she could have him arrested for assault . . . really? Ted wants her help. Hope gives him five minutes before she takes him into custody, but that's what Ted wants. He's afraid of Ben Weston! Well now, he just said the magic words. Any mention of Ben Weston, and Hope is ready to do battle . . . or plant some evidence . . . or arrest him for jaywalking or something. Hope desperately asks if Ben tried to kill Ted. Hope is almost giddy . . . until Ted explains the person he is afraid of is Stefan because he had him kidnapped and taken to some "godforsaken island in the middle of nowhere."

Side Note: That has to be Melaswen, right? 

Hope thinks it's an interesting story, but wants to know why Stefan would do such a thing. Really, Fancy Face? You stop to ask why Stefan would do such a thing when you were ready to jump on any mention of Ben Weston to send him packing to Statesville? Ugh. Ted takes NO blame for what happened to him and throws Kate directly under the bus. Hope didn't know they knew each other. Ted explains he did some "legal work" for her. He wants police protection, but Hope wants to know more. Ted tells her he may have been blackmailing her grandson.  

At the Kiriakis mansion, WilSon is basking in the joy of their reunion and head upstairs in hopes of basking in some future afterglow . . . but the doorbell rings. It's Leo! He promptly walks into the house, grabs some pie, and begins to chow down. WilSon wants to know what's going on . . . and Leo is sad that the boys didn't ask him what he was thankful for.  He giggles because they look like they've seen a ghost - oh yeah, they have. WilSon are confused. Will checked his pulse. Leo explains . . . he regained consciousness in the trunk. It sounds like Susan pulled him out of the trunk of the car. She took him to a "crazy doctor" who injected him . . . sure sounds like Dr. Rolf! No, he's messing with them. He was alive the whole time, silly WilSon. 

Will asks the question that I was wondering. How could Leo know about Susan and Rolf? Leo explains he spent hours listening to Sonny go on about Will's "death", his miraculous resurrection, the crazy scientist, and oh, by the way, is there any whipped cream? I. LOVE. LEO. Will proves that the apple falls REALLY far from the tree as he pushes the point again that he checked Leo's pulse. Sami would be so disappointed . . . he must be channelling his daddy. Will walks away in shame as Sonny reminds Leo that all of this was an accident. He continues to press his luck by calling Leo a "lying, cheating, con artist." I get the feeling Leo is about to unhinge his jaw and swallow them whole. Will wants to know . . . if he's been alive all this time, you know, since Will checked his pulse, where has Leo been all this time?

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Leo fixes himself a glass of wine, shushes Sonny, and explains he was recovering from the very serious head wound he gave him. Sonny goes on to remind Leo he strangled Will. Leo provides the line of the day, "Oh . . . it's not like he hasn't been strangled before. Some guys are into that." Leo is GIVING ME LIFE! Will calls Leo sick, but he prefers "twisted", it's less judgy. 

Side Note: Did anyone else think Will looked more intrigued than horrified by Leo? 

Sonny is becoming indignant as he reminds Leo he set tried to bilk his family of millions by accusing him of being a sexual predator. They had no connection. Leo scoffs when he remembers the sex being "very, very, hot." Sonny says it just happened once. 

Side Note: I don't think that is true. I seem to remember them heading upstairs in the Kiriakis mansion and getting nekkid at Titan. Maybe I'm wrong. Do y'all remember? 

Sonny walks away and gives Will a turn. Leo goes on to explain he's been in town for a while watching all of the drama play out. He's been watching them do the right thing with Paul, while trying so hard to be good . . . but they all know "what bad boys they can be." How much fun is this dialogue?!

Leo takes a seat in the chair by the fire, with his wine, and gives Will "props" for getting his memory back. Will calls him a "bastard" - which seems to be the word for the day - but Leo continues giving props to them for trying to do the right thing . . . until Paul figured it out (#TeamPaul) and dumped Will's ass. Leo goes on to say the "pitcher" may be gone, but life is still throwing them curve balls. 

Side Note: When Leo said, "pitcher" did anyone else think the was going to refer to himself as a "catcher"? Was it just me? 

Leo wants to know, "where is the gratitude?" They should be grateful that he is not dead. Sonny kinda wishes he was dead. Leo tempts him by reminding him that no one knows he's alive. Why doesn't Sonny get rid of him - all over again?

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Stefan apologizing to Kayla in her office for blackmailing her . . . and he hopes he can apologize to Steve. Again, it would kind of be interesting if he were not to blame for Steve's remote controlled bionic eye madness. Kayla almost seems moved and pushes him to be the man that Charlotte can look up to. 

Side Note: It bears repeating, Kayla and Stefan have MAD chemistry. 

At the Salem Inn, Kate wonders if Roman has the key to bringing down Stefan. She starts to spill more tea about how he blackmailed her. Roman thinks the ground is saturated enough for today, but wants her to finish spilling at some point soon. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, WilSon admit it is tempting to re-kill Leo, but not today. Leo reminds him they have unfinished business. Sonny tells him to go back to being "Matthew Cooper" the prostitute or whoever he is. Not so fast . . . Leo reminds him before Will's rebirth, Sonny proposed marriage, and it's time to pay up. 

Outside Doug's Place, Hope is trying to figure out what Ted could possibly have on Will. He deflects by saying none of that is important. Ted wants this done under the table because Stefan may have friends inside the Salem P.D. Hope is shocked that Ted wants her to ignore police procedure. Giggle. He can give her something in return . . . the evidence to put Ben Weston away . . . for good. #MagicWords

In front of the Brady Pub, Ciara thinks she's too broken to be loved. Ben reminds her she should never apologize for who she is. Giggle - he thinks she has more fight in her than a "bag full of bobcats." Seriousness returns, as Ben says people "crazier" than him have found love . . . AND. HE. KISSES. HER.  SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

And she drops her helmet. 

That's it! We've come to the end of another day in Salem. I think most of these episode are packed with action, but this episode was one of the most drama filled, action packed, eps in a while! What did you think? What do you think will happen next? Sound off in the comments! 

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