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Perkie's Observations: The Newlyweds Find Someone "Sleeping" In Their Bed on General Hospital

Donnell Turner, Briana Nicole Henry

Donnell Turner, Briana Nicole Henry

Jordan and Curtis' wedding continues and Stella wants to speak her peace. Stella asks for their forgiveness and takes a seat. The two say their vows and exchange rings. The priest pronounces them husband and wife. Jordan and Curtis share a kiss.

Carly comes home to find Joss crying on the floor. Joss explains everything about Oscar to her mother. Joss is upset that Oscar won't take the treatment, but Carly says it's Oscar's choice.

Oscar tells his parents he told Joss everything. He says he's changed his mind and is willing to go ahead with the treatment. He says he's doing it for Joss. Kim wants Oscar to move back in, but he's determined to keep things as they are.

Griffin gets worried when Kiki doesn't show up at the wedding. Nina asks if Griffin will tell the police about Ava's assault, and insists he do so.

Stella gives Jordan a handkerchief as her something old. Jordan and Curtis share their first dance and cut the cake. Jordan tosses the bouquet, which Nina catches. Stella tells Curtis that Mike and Marcus helped her see what matters in life.

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Lulu questions why Laura is upset, and is shocked to hear that Ava and "Kevin" were kissing. Laura thinks something is wrong with "Kevin".

Kim is upset that things are strained between her and Oscar. Drew calls her on her abduction plan with Julian. Drew decides to pay Joss a visit to thank her. Julian and Kim argue about the kidnapping plan. Julian swears he's there for her, but Kim is in a snit.

Drew thanks Joss for helping Oscar change his mind. Drew says the drug trial is only a chance. Joss says she'll be there for him.

Oscar call Alexis over to the mansion to fire her. He says he's going ahead with the trial and won't need to be emancipated. Alexis is thrilled and says she won't accept his money for payment.

Griffin gets home and finds the door open. but Kiki isn't there.

Curtis and Jordan head out to start their marital night, but find a body on their bed. (Kiki's I presume.)