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Perkie's Observations: Murder Stokes Ryan's Libido on General Hospital

Maura West, Jon Lindstrom

Maura West, Jon Lindstrom

Jordan and Curtis find a dead body in their room. Curtis heads off to get Chase and Valerie, while Jordan calls in her forensic team. Chase tells everyone the boat is now a crime scene and they have to stay put.

Valerie has Griffin come to check on the body. Griffin is shocked to find out it's Kiki. Jordan tells him to leave, so he doesn't contaminate the crime scene. Jordan questions Griffin, who goes over what happened that night.

Chase takes everyone's statement. Jordan gets the call that Kiki was killed in one place, then moved to another. She asks Griffin's permission to have forensics go over his and Kiki's apartment.

Nina's taking Charlotte to the Nutcracker and is surprised when Valentin joins them. Charlotte's just happy to have her parents together for a night.

Joss tells Cam she spoke with Oscar and they're back together. Joss says she's mad at Cam for lying to her. Cam says he was caught in the middle. Joss apologizes. Cam claims he's okay, but tells Joss to spend her time with Oscar.

Liz and the boys find out that Laura's marriage is over. Laura says she chose to release the news to the press because of the mayoral election. Liz asks what happened, but Laura has no idea. However, she does tell Liz about Ava.

Liz tells Laura that Aiden is being bullied at school. Liz says Aiden is struggling and is upset that Cam makes things worse. Later, Liz tears a strip off of Cam, but he comes back with the Oscar reveal.

Ryan shows up at Ava's door for dessert. Ava brings up Laura, but Ryan says he's where he wants to be. The two have sex.

Chase calls Jordan because he found something at Griffin's apartment.

Griffin shows up at Ava's door.