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Perkie's Observations: Ava's Grief Rings To the Rafters on General Hospital

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Matt Cohen, Briana Nicole Henry, Donnell Turner, Maura West, Jon Lindstrom

Matt Cohen, Briana Nicole Henry, Donnell Turner, Maura West, Jon Lindstrom

Griffin continues to bang on Ava's door until she opens it. Griffin tells Ava that Kiki's dead, but Ava refuses to believe it. Griffin says Kiki was murdered and her body was found at the Star.

Peter takes Maxie home and offers to stay with her in light of Kiki's murder. The two talk about family. Pete admits he doesn't hate Anna anymore and feels regret for Nathan's death. Maxie reassures him and the two almost kiss, but are interrupted by James' crying. The two decide to pretend the kiss never happened. Peter leaves, though he spends the night outside her door.

Britt complains about Anna's plan to capture Liesl. Finn reassures her she's not going to die. Britt's having second thoughts about betraying her mother. Anna says Britt will go back to Pentonville.

Finn gets a text from Hayden and makes plans to meet her. He asks Anna to join him. Anna says she's in the middle of hunting Liesl. Liesl calls and asks if Britt is setting her up, but Britt denies it. Britt begs her mother to come and take care of her and Liesl refuses. Anna figures out that Liesl is in Cuba. Finn offers to go with her, but Anna tells him to go to Rome to see Hayden.

Alexis stops by the pub for a chat with Julian about Oscar. Julian explains Kim's kidnapping request. Alexis says she's proud of him for being against it. Julian gets a call from Griffin about Kiki.

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Ava heads to the Star, determined to prove Griffin wrong. Ava sees Kiki's body and loses it. (As did I since Maura West is a goddess).

Sonny complains that Ava never stopped by to pick up Avery. Carly snarks that Ava doesn't deserve her daughters. Carly calls Ava to complain that Avery wasn't picked up, but Ryan answers the phone. Ryan tells Carly that Ava was late because Kiki's is dead. Sonny and Carly make Kiki's death all about them and Morgan, who died 899 years ago, but the show won't let him and us rest in peace.

Jordan goes over the events with Griffin again. Chase shows Griffin a bloody knife that was part of the set in Griffin's apartment.

Ava accuses Griffin of killing Kiki, but he denies it. Julian offers to take Ava home, but Ryan steps in.

Alexis advises Griffin to stop talking, which does not sit well with Julian. Chase gets the call that the blood on the knife is Kiki's.

Chase places Griffin under arrest.