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Perkie's Observations: The PCPD Connect Some Dots on General Hospital

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Briana Nicole Henry, Josh Swickard

Briana Nicole Henry, Josh Swickard

Ryan's "I did it" isn't literal. He says he blames himself for allowing Ava to think her dark thoughts. Ryan assures her it's not her fault. He tells her Kiki is gone and she needs to forgive herself. Ava doesn't have the strength, so Ryan says he'll stay by her side.

Jordan asks Griffin about Ava's attack on him and Sasha. Chase wonders why Griffin didn't report it and believes he's protecting Ava. Griffin gives his side of the story, which matches Sasha's. He admits Kiki thought Ava wasn't finished with them, though he doesn't believe Ava is capable of this.

Anna insists that Finn go to Rome to see Hayden while she goes after Liesl. Epiphany overhears and thinks they're both bad ideas. Epiphany says she's looking out for both of them, for Robin's sake. Pif doesn't think Anna should send Finn after Hayden. Anna heads to the airport on her quest to find Liesl. Later, Finn joins her on the plane. Finn and Anna share I love yous.

Sonny questions why Jeanette hasn't been arrested. Margaux says she doesn't want to punish her mother. She wants to punish Sonny, but there is no evidence and nothing will bring her father back. Sonny says he understands the pain she has at losing her father.

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Mac and Felicia check in on Maxie, and find Peter hanging out. Mac issues a warning to Peter about his feelings for Maxie. Peter says the two are working towards friendship only. Felicia questions Maxie, who admits to being confused by her feelings since she's still grieving. Felicia says it's okay for her to follow her feelings once she knows what they are.

Sonny stops by to see Griffin to offer his condolences for Kiki. Sonny believes Griffin is innocent and reassures him the police will find out the truth. Griffin says he hasn't had time to grieve and doesn't want to let her go. Griffin asks Sonny to light a candle for Kiki.

Jordan and Chase head over to talk to Ava. Jordan says there is a history of stalking and says she knows about the drugging. Ava says she'd never kill Kiki. She wants to know Ava's whereabouts that night.

Ava says she was at the gallery and then at her apartment. Ryan offers that he was with her the whole time. After they leave, Ava reminds Ryan he wasn't with her the whole night and asks why he lied to the police. Ryan says he believes in her.

Back at the station, Chase shows Jordan Kiki's wallet. They found minus it, but it didn't have license. This reminds them of Mary Pat's murder. Jordan figures out they're looking for the same killer.