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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Confronts Nina on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Michelle Stafford

Emme Rylan, Michelle Stafford

Willow runs into Lulu and asks if she's talked to Charlotte. Willow says Charlotte's behavior is getting worse and wonders if this school is the right fit. Lulu says she'd prefer not to move her and promises to put an end to the bullying.

Nina moves into Wyndemere for protection, which thrills Charlotte. Nina says she's only staying as a guest.

Oscar's first treatment wipes him out, worrying Drew and Kim. Kim worries that Oscar's symptoms might mean something is wrong. Liz reassures them that Oscar's symptoms are normal. They thank her for her special care. She mentions Kiki's death, which is a surprise to Kim.

Joss stops by. She wants Oscar to work on his schoolwork so he can get back in when he's better. Cam pays Oscar a visit. Joss apologizes for how she treated him. Cam can't get out of there fast enough.

Alexis finds Julian drowning his sorrows in booze. He's still not happy she's defending Griffin. Alexis says she believes Griffin is innocent and thinks Julian believes the same thing. Julian still wants Griffin to pay for the estrangement between Ava and Kiki.

Alexis questions whether she should call Kim to come and be with Julian, but he says she's busy with Oscar. Alexis realizes he hasn't told Kim about Kiki's death. Kim shows up at the pub to be with Julian.

Michael demands answers from Chase about Kiki's case. Chase says they're following every lead. Michael spots Mary Pat's file with Kiki's. He asks if the two are connected, but Chase says they're following up on everything.

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Franco deals with Kiki's death by painting in the art studio. Cam stops by to offers his condolences. The two share a hug and a bonding moment. Drew stops by. Franco admits he wants to kill whoever did this.

Lulu goes to Wyndemere to talk to Valentin. She feels they need to put a stop to the bullying now. Nina butts in, quick to be on Charlotte's side. The three have a chat with Charlotte that amounts to nothing.

Lulu tears a strip off of Nina for her lax treatment of Charlotte. She says she can't trust Nina to do what's best for the child. After Lulu leaves, Valentin blames himself for Charlotte's behavior.

Laura takes Aiden out to see if he will open up about the bullying. Aiden talks about someone in class setting the rules. Aiden doesn't want to say more than that. Lulu shows up and tells Laura that Charlotte has been bullying someone. Laura puts two and two together.

Chase runs into Willow. He asks her out to dinner and she accepts. Later, she heads to the bereavement group.

Joss offers her condolences to Michael for Kiki. Michael heads to the bereavement group.

Oscar asks Alexis to help him write up his will.

Franco tells Liz he wants to postpone the wedding for happier times.

Chase gets results from the medical examiner. Kiki was stabbed by someone who was skilled and knew what they were doing.