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Perkie's Observations: It's Time to Say Goodbye to Lauren Katherine Jerome on General Hospital

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Marcus wants Sonny to keep Mike away from Yvonne because he's endangering her health. Sonny says they're just enjoying themselves because they are good company. After Marcus leaves, Sonny tells Carly he just wants Mike to be happy for as long as possible.

Drew refuses the flash drive. He says there are always strings attached and he knows Margaux will come looking for something down the line. Margaux denies any hidden agenda and forces him to take the it.

Jason stops by to see Oscar. At first, Jason refuses to be his executor. Oscar says he doesn't want to die, but he needs to be ready, just in case. He feels it will be too hard on his parents to deal with these things. Oscar wants his ELQ stock to be used to establish something for sick children. Jason finally agrees.

Jason runs into Drew on his way out. Drew shows him the flash drive and tells him that Margaux had it all along. He's not sure what to do with it since losing Jason's memories also means losing the recent ones of his kids.

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Everyone prepares for Kiki's funeral, except Ava, who feels she can't go through with it. Julian says she'll regret not going. Michael stops by with Avery. Ava is forced to explain to her that Kiki is gone and not returning. Michael offers his condolences.

At the church, Scott and Lulu complain about "Kevin's" behavior regarding him hooking up with Ava and leaving Laura in the dust.

Liz offers an ear to both Franco and Griffin in their grief. Franco and Griffin both eulogize Kiki. Epiphany sings. And just like that, the ceremony is over.

Jordan tells Margaux that no one at the service looked suspicious. Margaux counters that Jordan might not see the killer amongst them.

Ava heads to the graveside. She accuses those with her of thinking she's to blame for Kiki's death.

Carly walks by on her way to Morgan's grave. Ava calls her out, saying Carly believes this is what she deserves.