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Perkie's Observations: Carly and Ava Go Some Rounds at Kiki's Grave on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Chad Duell, Maura West, William deVry

Laura Wright, Chad Duell, Maura West, William deVry

At the graveside, Ava continues to call out Carly. She claims she should be happy because now they're even for having each lost a child. Carly counters she had nothing to do with Kiki's death and warns her to leave Morgan out of it.

Ava says she loved her daughter as much as Carly loved Morgan. Carly says Ava made the funeral about her rather than honoring Kiki. Carly promises Ava won't do the same to Avery. This sets Ava off and the two get physical.

The men are forced to break them up while Ryan smirks in the background. Ava shoves Carly into the dirt before Michael drags her away. Ava tells everyone else to leave, so she can be alone with Kiki.

Anna and Finn bring Liesl back to Port Charles, and into the PCPD. Liesl demands to go to the hospital to see Britt. Anna admits the blood was tainted after it was taken and there is nothing wrong with Britt.

Liesl is upset that Britt betrayed her, but Anna says it allowed Britt to be released and start a new life. Liesl asks if Britt had any doubts. Anna gives her a letter that Britt wrote to her. In it, she apologizes to her mother.

Anna mentions Nina's daughter, which piques Liesl's interest. She asks for a phone and promptly calls Valentin for a chat.

Willow's ready for her date with Chase, but is surprised to see it will happen at his apartment. Chase says he's taken an online cooking class and has prepared something for her. Willow gets upset, saying this is inappropriate for a first date. She storms out.

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Sasha tells Valentin she wants to leave. He wants her to stay since she's helping to keep Nina close to him. Sasha doesn't care, she wants out and doesn't want to hurt Nina. Nina overhears this part, so Valentin says it's about her living at Wyndemere.

Laura runs into Sonny, who mentions she didn't come to the funeral with Kevin. Laura tells him Kevin and Ava are sleeping together, and he filed for divorce. Laura admits she still loves him. Sonny tells her to take a page from his marriage and not give up.

Laura says Kevin's not interested in fighting for their marriage. She says she doesn't recognize him anymore.

Willow ends up at the Metro Court bar where Chase catches up to her. He apologizes saying he only wanted to cook for her. Willow apologizes for overreacting. Nina spots her and summons Willow to their table.

Nina introduces Willow to Sasha and tells her they've had a talk with Charlotte. Nina wants Charlotte to be recognized for the amazing child that she is and not criticized for other children's insecurities.

Valentin is quick to point out that isn't his stand, but Nina insists that Charlotte be seen as a special girl. Willow rolls her eyes and heads back to her date with Chase. She agrees to go back to his place for their meal.

Sasha tells Nina she's leaving town and going back to where she came from. Nina says she'll always be there for her.

Carly runs into Laura and Sonny in the church, and tells them what happened at the graveside. She's surprised when Laura tells her that Ava and Kevin are an item. Laura admits she's worried about Kevin because something is off. She thinks it has to do with the anniversary of Ryan's killings.

Ryan eavesdrops as Ava sits talking to Kiki's grave. She says she's going to find whoever did this and make them pay. Ryan steps forward and offers to be there for her if she needs him. Ava accepts him.