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Perkie's Observations: Laura Takes the High Road on General Hospital

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Maura West, Genie Francis

Maura West, Genie Francis

Valentin shows up at the PCPD to find out what Liesl wants. She says he's going to make sure she doesn't get punished or he'll lose Nina. Liesl says he gave Nina a daughter that isn't hers. Valentin says two DNA tests were done, but Liesl says she saw him take a DNA sample from Madeline's body at her funeral.

Maxie wants to start over with Peter. She says she enjoys his company and wants him in her life, but wants them to forget about the almost kiss. Anna interrupts to tell Peter that Liesl is in custody and she'll need him to testify against her.

Carly confronts "Kevin", who doesn't want to hear her nonsense about Ava. Carly blames Ava for attacking her, but Ryan points out that Carly's past is as bad as Ava's. Ryan also points out that Carly is quick to turn a blind eye to Sonny's crimes, which are as bad as Ava's.

Carly can't believe that he's defending Ava. Ryan counters they've all done bad things, but it doesn't make them bad. He says Ava needs their understanding and empathy right now. Carly brings up the patient at Ferncliff and she knows his name is Wilson.

Ryan tells her she can get into legal trouble for hacking into the system to get this information. He says he'll follow up, but wants her to leave it alone.

Laura stops by to offer her condolences to Ava. At first Ava lashes out, believing Laura is there to rub Ava's face in divine justice. Laura says Kiki's death is not justice and that no one deserves that. Ava apologizes for being defensive.

Laura spots "Kevin's" tie on a chair and realizes he spent the night with Ava. She complains that her marriage is falling apart. Ava swears things didn't start between them until the kiss that Laura witnessed. This makes Laura believe even more that something is wrong with "Kevin". She warns Ava to be careful.

Chase finds a drunken Griffin in the park. He brings him home rather than the police drunk tank. Chase calls Finn for help. Finn tells Griffin he understands because he lost his wife, and buried himself in drugs and alcohol.

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Finn reminds Griffin he helped him clear his addiction and now it's his turn to help. Griffin says he doesn't want to go home. Finn tells him to go to the hospital instead. Finn calls Anna to meet him there.

Sonny and Spencer run into Nina and Sasha. Nina introduces Spencer to Sasha, but he says they met at Wyndemere when he was there. Sasha mentions they were talking about the election, so Spencer quickly takes Sonny away from the conversation.

Sonny pushes Spencer for details and he admits he put a malware in the system to mess up the results. Spencer swears he only did it to buy more time for Laura, but that Valentin found out.

Spencer wants Sonny to take care of Valentin, but Sonny says he's already keeping an eye on him. Sonny warns Spencer not to do this type of thing again and Spencer swears he learned his lesson.

Sasha wants Nina to stay at Wyndemere now that she's leaving. She can be protected and pushes hard for a reconciliation with Valentin. Nina says she's not ready to forgive him. The two say goodbye as Sasha plans to leave town.

Maxie tells Peter she understands why Liesl grabbed him. It's because she was grieving Nathan. She says Anna's been bending over backwards to make amends and wonders why he hasn't forgiven his mother yet.

Griffin finds Anna waiting for him at the hospital. She tells him he'll see Kiki everywhere for awhile, but promises to be there for him. (Remind me again why Griffin couldn't have been her son instead of Peter?)

Ava tells Ryan about Laura's visit. He tells her about his talk with Carly. Ava swears she won't let them take Avery from her. After she leaves the room, Ryan says Carly will pay.

Carly runs into Laura and agrees that something is off with "Kevin". Laura says the change happened more recently than she thought and they need to figure out what it was.

Valentin calls Peter to meet about Liesl.