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Perkie's Observations: Sam Digs Deeper Into Her Past on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Donnell Turner

Kelly Monaco, Donnell Turner

Valentin tells Peter not to testify against Liesl so that all charges can be dropped. Peter refuses and figures Liesl must have something incriminating on Valentin. Valentin denies it. He claims he's doing it for Nina since Liesl is her only living relative. Peter says he won't set Liesl free, but then Valentin tells him to do it for Maxie.

Valentin says Maxie might appreciate Liesl being free. Then, she could spend time with James on his first Christmas without Nathan. Peter promises to think it over.

Curtis and Sam continue their investigation and find out that Yvonne's subscription is paid for by Linda Black. Sam admits that Linda was one of her scamming aliases, but swears no one would connect it to her.

Curtis asks about kids and grandkids. Sam says the only one she knew about was Amelia and they had made peace. Sam sends an email to Linda Black.

Sonny stops by to see Oscar just as he's been taken for more tests. Sonny tells Drew if he needs anything to let him know. Later, Sonny sits with Oscar back in his room. Oscar apologizes for hurting Joss, but Sonny says he was only protecting her.

Margaux stops by Casa Corinthos to return Sonny's scarf. Carly's quick to kick her out. Then, she gets angry with Jason because Sonny had the nerve to give Margaux his scarf. Jason says Sonny feels guilty for Margaux's father's death. He says along with Mike's issues, it makes Sonny vulnerable, and grief will mess with his head.

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Nina tells Maxie that Sasha left, and she'll miss her. They talk about Peter and how he slept outside Maxie's door the night of Kiki's death. Nina admits Maxie needs a little light in her life and is okay with Peter.

Cam stops by the pub to ask Julian for Oscar's job, in order to keep it open for Oscar's return. Julian reassures him Oscar's job is safe. Joss shows up to pick up food for Oscar and complains to Cam he's not eating.

Cam thinks Oscar should try weed, but a quick Internet search shows there are too many hoops to jump through to get any. After Joss leaves, Cam texts a friend who has a source.

Jason finds Sam and tells her Drew has the flash drive with access to his memories.

Drew tells Kim he has the flash drive, but feels there is too much to lose if he does the procedure. He says he can't risk losing the memories of his children. Kim understands, but also shares a memory of the two of them when they were dating. Drew does feel regret he'll never be that guy.

Margaux asks Curtis if there is anything she can do for Drew while Oscar is in the hospital. She claims she wants to make amends, but Curtis tells her to back off and leave Drew alone.

Sonny gets home and spots the scarf. Carly tells him Margaux dropped it off. Sonny is certain Margaux had no agenda and it's not a big deal. Carly gets angry saying Margaux is to blame for her stay at Ferncliff. She does not appreciate Sonny being apologetic of Margaux.

Nina heads to Wyndemere and tells Valentin she's moving out.